The Eurovision Song contest- The bizarre songs.

No matter what you think of the Eurovision song contest, there is no denying it is a global cultural event. It might not be to everyone’s liking but it is a global cultural event nonetheless. And it is truly global not only because it goes out live to nations across the world, bit also theContinue reading “The Eurovision Song contest- The bizarre songs.”

May 21 not a good day for Monarchs

Throughout history the 21st if May has not been kind to many royals, it appears that a high number of Kings,Queens and emperors perished this day. Since the calendar has changed a bit some of the earlier records are estimated to have been on May 21. Emperor Da of Wu (literally “Great Emperor of Wu”),Continue reading “May 21 not a good day for Monarchs”

WWII- The aftermath

The effects of  WWII were felt for years and even decades after the war ended. It can even be argued that the effects can even be noticed nowadays. Below are some pictures of the Aftermath of WWII in Europe. A German soldier returns home to Frankfurt am Main after the end of the War, 1946.Continue reading “WWII- The aftermath”

Oh those romantic European politicians.

I am just being a bit cheeky here but sometimes you see pictures of European leaders and you wonder “How friendly were they really?” Above and below are pictures of Kohl and Mitterand,holding hands  in Verdun, 1984 Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev embraces Erich Honecker, hardline communist and general secretary of the Communist Party (SED) as members ofContinue reading “Oh those romantic European politicians.”

The Eurovision song contest

Tonight is the first semi finals of the annual circus called the Eurovision Song contest. I have to be honest though, I do like it. It basically goes against everything I like,music wise, the whole bizarre circus and the politics behind it I do find entertaining. In case you are in doubt it is politicalContinue reading “The Eurovision song contest”