Farmers,professors,locksmiths and other ordinary men turned evil.

I know it is easy to call people like Rudolf Höss and others who worked in Auschwitz monters, and to en extent I can understand that, I have done so in the past. However when you call them monsters you take the risk of given them an excuse for their acts, because we only expectContinue reading “Farmers,professors,locksmiths and other ordinary men turned evil.”

The twisted evil mind of Mengele.

People sometimes think that Mengele was the only ‘Doctor’ in Auschwitz, but in fact there were more then a 30 physicians working there. Mengele however was the most notorious one, he also seemed to be the most enthusiastic sicentist, He had a particularly evil mind. I am not going to talk about the experiments becauseContinue reading “The twisted evil mind of Mengele.”

The execution of 5 physicians.

June 2,1948 was one of those rare days where justice was actually carried out. So many who were instrumental in the murder of millions during the Holocaust, did either serve no time or very little, leave alone receiving death sentences. Even many of those who did receive a death sentence had their sentence reduced. ButContinue reading “The execution of 5 physicians.”

Enno Lolling evil for the sake of being evil.

I probably could go into great detail in relation to Fr Lolling, but to be honest he is not worth it. The only reason why I am doing a blog about him is that today marks the 75th anniversary of his suicide. Now I don’t want to go into all the mental complexities that peopleContinue reading “Enno Lolling evil for the sake of being evil.”

The parallel universe that was Auschwitz.

If you wouldn’t know the wider context of the picture, you would smile at it and think” a lovely picture of young people in the military enjoying themselves”. And that is exactly what they did , they did enjoy themselves. However this weren’t just some random service men and women. These men and women allContinue reading “The parallel universe that was Auschwitz.”

The experiments of Horst Schumann.

I have to warn you up front, this is not an easy read. I will try to stick to the facts and keep my emotions out of it, regardless on how difficult that will be. And I will keep it only to the experiments and the post war situation for Horst Schumann. Horst Schumann  wasContinue reading “The experiments of Horst Schumann.”

Maria Mandl-Pure evil

Maria Mandl was one of the many Austrians who were delighted when Hitler annexed his native Austria into Germany. She saw opportunities and she took them. Born in Münzkirchen, Upper Austria on January 10,1912 to a shoemaker and his wife. On 15 October 1938 , shortly after the annexation she got her first job underContinue reading “Maria Mandl-Pure evil”

The evil of Mengele.

I could fill this blog with pictures of the experiments Joseph Mengele conducted in Auschwitz, but I think most of the readers would not be able to stomach the images. I know I can’t ,therefore I am just going to quote some eye witness reports to illustrate how truly evil this man was. He hadContinue reading “The evil of Mengele.”

Their evil knew no boundaries.

Ghandi once said”“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” This is such a true statement. The Nazis claimed to make a great nation out of Germany , but the same Nazis did not care for the weakest members, In fact they despised them, they were perceived to be a burdenContinue reading “Their evil knew no boundaries.”

Lodz Ghetto . Children rounded up for deportation to Chelmno extermination camp.

I wanted to change the title of the blog to evoke an emotion, but I figured if this doesn’t hit you in the gut nothing will. It is the actual  title of the picture it is from a public domain. I only changed the names from German into the Polish names. When you don’t knowContinue reading “Lodz Ghetto . Children rounded up for deportation to Chelmno extermination camp.”