Julius Hirsch

I think the best way of telling the stories of the Holocaust , is to bring it down to a personal level , so that people can find some association with it, although it is  impossible to fully comprehend the horrors. What makes it difficult is just to pick one of the millions who wereContinue reading “Julius Hirsch”

The Football War

The legendary Dutch Football coach ,Rinus Michels, once said “Professional football is something like war. Whoever behaves too properly, is lost” this quote is often misquoted as “Football is War”. However 50 years ago, Football actually did cause a war between Honduras and El Salvador. The Football War was a brief war fought which lastedContinue reading “The Football War”

The Bosman ruling.

Since we are getting close to the UEFA Champions league finals , it os a good time to look back at one player who has had a major impact on European and indeed world football. But ironically this player never played in any of the Champions league finals, he didn’t even get close. However theContinue reading “The Bosman ruling.”

Céad Míle Fáilte for Nazi Germany-A troubled Irish History.

I want to say this first before I go into the blog. I live in Ireland, I love Ireland and not one day have I regretted moving here. It is my home. However what does disturb me is that some Irish politicians are calling on a boycott on some Israeli goods. These same politicians appearContinue reading “Céad Míle Fáilte for Nazi Germany-A troubled Irish History.”

Glasgow Rangers-Ibrox Park Deadly stadium.

Association Football also known as just Football or Soccer is the world’s most favourite sport.No sport united and divides fans like football. Legendary Dutch football coach Rinus Michels famously said that “top football is something like war. And unfortunately like war it has casualties. There have been several well documented Football disasters over the decades,Continue reading “Glasgow Rangers-Ibrox Park Deadly stadium.”

Sjaak Swart-The football legend that nearly didn’t happen.

For the size of the country it is astonishing how many football greats come from the Netherlands. Names like Johann Cruijff,Johan Nesskens,Ruud Gullit,Marco van Basten and Arjen Robben to name but a few, but the name Sjaak Swart certainly belongs in that list. Sjaak (Sjakie) Swart was pivotal to the successes of Ajax in  1971Continue reading “Sjaak Swart-The football legend that nearly didn’t happen.”

Hamburger SV-Altona 93:Final score 4-2. The match on April 29, 1945.

There was a bit of a scandal this week in Dublin. On of the Dublin based soccer teams,Ballybrack, pretended that one of their star players was killed in a car crash. The team wanted to postpone an up coming match and came up with the death as an excuse. The ting is though there wasContinue reading “Hamburger SV-Altona 93:Final score 4-2. The match on April 29, 1945.”

Football in time of Horror-The football competition in Westerbork

This must be one of the most amazing events I came across but amidst all the killing,torture,deportations and other horrors in Camp Westerbork, they actally found time to set up a football competition. The competition was made up of several teams of Jewish inmates and started in spring 1943, it was a welcome distraction andContinue reading “Football in time of Horror-The football competition in Westerbork”

Ernest Erbstein-Holocaust survivor who died a tragic death.

Now that the World Cup Football is well on its way in Russia, it is a good opportunity at one of the sport’s legends. Ernest Erbstein, aka Ernest Egri-Erbstein was a Jewish-Hungarian football player and  He was involved in  football as a player and coach in several countries,  but he was most noted for hisContinue reading “Ernest Erbstein-Holocaust survivor who died a tragic death.”

1942 Coupe de France Final

It’s May 17 1942, you country is occupied by a hostile foreign nation. Fellow country man are dying on battlefields or being executed for being members of the resistance and other fellow country men are being deported to death camps. What do you do? Well watch a football match of course. Since the champions leagueContinue reading “1942 Coupe de France Final”