Werner Lott -U Boat commander.

Captain(Korvettenkapitän)Werner Lott was commander of U-35 from 15 August 1937 until 29 November 1939.He sank 4 ships and damaged one. You often hear about war crimes committed by the German armed forces, but there were also acts of decency. Around 15.40  on 3 Oct, 1939, the Greek freighter Diamantis, although the ship was neutral itContinue reading “Werner Lott -U Boat commander.”

U-1206-Ach Scheiße

First of all I want to apologize for the rude title but I thought it to be the most appropriate. War is a driving force behind innovation. From superglue to the internet, military technology has led to the invention of many products that have proven useful in both warfare and in civilian life. However, sometimesContinue reading “U-1206-Ach Scheiße”