The Dentist of Auschwitz


I will not say too much about Benjamin Jacobs aka Bronek Jakubowicz or Berek Jakubowicz. As the title suggests he was a dentist, but he also is a survivor. Not only did he survive Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora concentration camps, he also survived Auschwitz, a death march and the sinking of SS Cap Arcona, which was bombed by the RAF killing thousands.

One of the reasons why I won’t saying too much about Benjamin Jacobs is because he wrote a book titled “The Dentist of Auschwitz” a book which I only recently received as a present and haven’t read yet.

One thing I will say is that  one of the jobs he had as the dentist of Auschwitz,  was extracting gold teeth  from the corpses of those who were killed, I really cannot fathom how I didn’t suffered greatly from this. However this does show his incredible mental strength , which would have contributed to his survival. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have.

In later interviews and I presume in his book he did say “I heard the voices of broken hearts and crushed souls” regarding to that gruesome task.

He died on January 30th ,2004 aged 84.