The Longest Day and how Goldfinger temporarily was banned in Israel.


The Longest Day is still one of my favourite movies. The epic cinematic event about D-Day and the direct aftermath. It was one of the first ensemble cast movies, basically anyone who was anyone in Hollywood was part of the movie.


Because it was shot less then 2 decades after D-Day and the end of WWII it meant that some of the actors in the film had actually seen action on the battlefield during the war.

As you can see from the title there is a mention of another movie, the James Bond movie Goldfinger. Gert Fröbe who played Auric Goldfinger also played in The Longest Day, he portrayed the role of the Wehrmacht soldier Sgt. Kaffekanne.

Sgt. Kaffekanne

Fröbe was born on 25 February 1913 and had joined the Nazi party at the young age of 16 in 1929. Disillusioned by the party and what it stood for he left in 1937. By September 1944 however he was drafted into the Wehrmacht.

During an interview in 1968 with a reporter of the Daily Mail, Fröbe had said “I was a member of the Nazi Party. During the Third Reich, I had the luck to be able to help two Jewish people, although I was a member of the Nazi party.”

The reporter however had shortened it to ” I was a member of the Nazi Party” As a result Israel banned the movie Goldfinger for several months.


Many people just didn’t believe Fröbe’s version of the interview. Until one of the Jews he helped, Mario Blumenau, showed up at the Israeli Embassy in Vienna.  Blumenau informed them that his and his Mother’s life  were saved by Fröbe by hiding them.  They’d heard of how Fröbe was being vilified and wanted to set the record straight.  Shortly after this, the Israeli ban on Goldfinger was officially lifted and Föbe’s reputation restored.




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