Paying the ultimate price for helping others.

Maastricht is one of my favourite cities. I grew up only about 10 miles away from it and would have visited it numerous times. It is, the most south eastern city in the Netherlands and is well known for its close proximity to Belgium and Germany. It is also the the home of violin virtuosoContinue reading “Paying the ultimate price for helping others.”

Ankie Stork- The Stork who delivered 35 Jewish children.

Ankie Stork was a Dutch resistance fighter during the German occupation of the Netherlands. She saved thirty-five Jewish children from the Nazis by hiding them in several locations the town of Nijverdal during World War II. She acted as part of Utrechts Kindercomité,(Utrecht Children Committee) a Dutch resistance group based in Utrecht. Ankie was aContinue reading “Ankie Stork- The Stork who delivered 35 Jewish children.”

Not all heroes wear uniforms.

When you look at the above picture you may think there is nothing extraordinary about it. However when you delve only slightly into the history of the picture you quickly how realize how amazing the picture really is. The picture is of a Jewish male choir of the Great Synagogue in Amsterdam, it was takenContinue reading “Not all heroes wear uniforms.”

The Forgotten heroes of WWII.

Today is World Animal Day and what better day to pick to remember some of the forgotten Heroes of WWII. The animals that often played a very important role. Pfc. Rez P. Hester of the Marine Corps Seventh War Dog Platoon on Iwo Jima takes a nap while Butch stands guard. February 1945.(courtesy National Archives)Continue reading “The Forgotten heroes of WWII.”

In Memory of the Valor and the Sacrifices which Hallow this soil.

Only a few days ago we celebrated the 75th anniversary of D-Day. People often forget that D-Day did not mark the end of WWII, it merely marked the beginning of the end. So many sacrifices were still made in the days and months following D-Day. Thousands and thousands of mainly young men, some the sameContinue reading “In Memory of the Valor and the Sacrifices which Hallow this soil.”

The young people who fought back.

  I have many weaknesses ,one of them is that I have a very low tolerance or even no tolerance for people who have a warped sense of entitlement. I know I shouldn’t be intolerant and just rise above it , but I find that very hard at times. Especially when it comes to theContinue reading “The young people who fought back.”

A sad but brave farewell letter- Young love destroyed.

Operation Frankton was a British WWII commando raid on shipping in the German occupied French port of Bordeaux in southwest France. The plan was for six kayaks  to be taken to the area of the Gironde estuary by submarine. The twelve men would then paddle by night to Bordeaux. The operation was carried out betweenContinue reading “A sad but brave farewell letter- Young love destroyed.”


8301, not just a number or mathematical equation. 8301 sacrifices made for the freedom of others. 8301 young lives ended by violence 8301 heroes 8301 reasons why we should never forget what hate,ignorance and intolerance can do. 8301. although a large number it is only a small percentage of the overall sacrifices made. 8301 menContinue reading “8301”

Sgt Rosenkrantz

I started this website and my blogs to find answers. Answers to how exactly my paternal Grandfather died. all I know is that he died during WWII when he was serving with the Dutch military and that he died early om in the war. But the circumstances how he died are somewhat vague,so I haveContinue reading “Sgt Rosenkrantz”

Medical Heroes

The one group that often gets overseen in WWII stories are the medics. There are some books and movies about them, but if you put in the bigger scheme of WWII things it is a small percentage. Yet they are the ones who would run into the battlefield, sometimes unarmed, to pick up the wounded.Continue reading “Medical Heroes”