I am

I am a child I am innocent I am a daughter. I am a primary school pupil I am a young girl. I am a human being I am human I am a child with a whole future ahead of herself I am a potential future painter,decorator,dentist, neurosurgeon,homemaker,artist,musician,dancer,actress, virologist, someone who finds the cure forContinue reading “I am”

A single rail track.

I took the picture above this morning at about 11:00 am . It is a rail track just around the corner of my home. When I looked at that rail track this morning several thoughts came to mind. Firstly I thought how the railways made such a big change in the lives of ordinary citizens.Continue reading “A single rail track.”

Poor,poor Ivan

I can never understand hate. I can’t understand hating a human being I don’t know. I just can’t and I never will. I understand love I understand love but can’t describe that warm feeling when you are close to someone you love. I can understand that feeling when you look at a baby, so pureContinue reading “Poor,poor Ivan”

You will never.

You will never know how it feels like to fall in love, and wake up every morning next to the love of your life. You will never know the anxiety of school exams. You will never know that nervousness of a first working day. You will never know how it feels like to have yourContinue reading “You will never.”

I miss you.

I miss you , even though I don’t know you and we’ve never met. I miss you ,because you could have been the composer who composed my favourite piece of music. I miss you, because you could have been the poet who wrote my favourite poem I miss you ,because you could have been theContinue reading “I miss you.”

Do you dream of me at night?

Yesterday it would have been my 80th Birthday. Henny Sophia Frank, born on February 23,1939 in Amsterdam. My name is Henny Sophia but people call me Henneke. But alas I was not allowed to celebrate my 80th birthday. Nor was I allowed to celebrate my 70th or 60th, in fact I wasn’t even allowed toContinue reading “Do you dream of me at night?”

There is nothing more beautiful then the smile of a child.

Being a Parent is the hardest job in the world. The sleepless nights, the dirty diapers, the countless times being peed on.Also the worries when your baby has a bit of a temperature, the millions of scenarios of what could go wrong with your child. But all of that is forgotten the second you seeContinue reading “There is nothing more beautiful then the smile of a child.”

A Child is born with no state of mind

The title is actually from a Hip Hop song but it is so true. A child is a blank canvas and is open to all experiences. He or she will listen to adults and will trust them blindly because they are innocent and don’t know better then to trust. When their parents are taken awayContinue reading “A Child is born with no state of mind”

A tear rolls down my face

A tear rolls down my face because you made me cry, not because you hurt me. A tear rolls down my face because you made me sad, not because you did me wrong A tear rolls down my face and I wonder why, because I don’t know you. A tear rolls down my face althoughContinue reading “A tear rolls down my face”

The Children of WWII -part 5

A child is born with no state of mind,blind to the ways of mankind. During WWII,as in any other war, all the children were victims,without exception.Of course the degree and severity on how they were victims had a significant difference. Some lost their lives,while others lost their innocence. Many of those who lost their innocenceContinue reading “The Children of WWII -part 5”