Levie and Frouwke Swart-The murder of innocence

Everyone who was murdered in the Holocaust

But murdering a 6 month old baby and a 2 year old toddler took a special kind of evil. The little boy Levy was born on February 6,1942. Just over 6 months later on August 23,1942 he was murdered in Auschwitz.

His older sister, Frouwke(Dutch for little woman),who is watchfully minding her little brother, was born on October 22,1939. Like her baby brother she too was murdered in Auschwitz, together with their Mother Esther Swart-Sacksionie.

The Father ,Markus Swart, was murdered a month later on September 30, 1942.

Markus Swart was a merchant in Amsterdam . On July 6, 1938, he married Esther Sacksionie, daughter of the chair weaver Leman Sacksionie and Rebecca van de Kar. Esther Sacksionie was a rag sorter. Markus had already been deported when Levie was born.

Of all of the thousands of SS guards and officers wasn’t there even one who thought that murdering a family with young children was wrong?

I have heard the arguments that the SS officers were afraid that they would be killed if they didn’t carry out orders, but this is a myth, there are no records whatsoever of any repercussions against anyone in the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and SS for not wanting to kill innocent lives. The only punishments that were handed out, were for theft and fraud.

The picture of Levi and Frouwke has broken my heart beyond repair.



You could have been one of my teachers


You only lived a few miles down the road from me.

You could have been my teacher.

You could have been my Doctor

You could have been my plumber.

You could have been the father of a girl friend

You could have been the uncle of my best friend.

You could have been a scientist who discovered the cure for cancer or dementia.

You could have been a baker who bakes lovely cakes.

You could have been a waiter in a bistro.

You could have been anything

But you became an object of hate for a sick regime.

They did not see as a human being

They did not see you fit for life.

They killed you in Auschwitz when you were just 3.

You could have been my teacher, in fact you are my teacher.

You have taught me that an innocent life means nothing to those who only seek destruction.

You taught me that there could be someone writing something similar about me, because it was just an accident of being born on a certain time in history. It could have been me.

You became a soul nearly forgotten, but not by me, never by me.

You are Nathan Herman Sassen born on  August 12  1940 in Sittard.

Murdered on September 24 in Auschwitz