A life through a household inventory.

All Holocaust stories are sad, even the stories of survival have elements of sadness in them. Because the survivors will have suffered physical and mental pain, and also coping with the loss of family and friends.

I came across a list of household inventory of goods that had belonged to Sara Dewijgaert-Blits. Sara was born on November 8,1868 in Amsterdam, and murdered on September 10 in Auschwitz, she was aged 73. The inventory list reflected her years alive, What makes it so sad is that all items are so recognizable, many we still use today. It is a life through the scope of a household inventory.

Bed/sitting room
small table with cloth
tea table with tea set
flower table (2)
chair (2)
easy chair (3)
standing table lamp (2)
fold-out bed with casing and curtains
cushion (4)
small table lamp (2)
electric hanging lamp
wall plate (8)
wall mirror (2)
wall hanging
mantelpiece runner
trinkets (on the mantelpiece)
lace curtain (4)
drape (4)
mat (2)
wall clock
curtain (3)

Living room
table with cloth
chair (2)
easy chair with cushions
coal-fired cooker with plate
bedside table
divan with bedding and blanket
small serving tray
waste-paper basket
linen cupboard
wall cupboard
treadle sewing machine (“Phoenix”)
medicine cupboard
small oil painting (4)
wall tapestry
mantelpiece carpet
table lamp
lace curtain (3)
drape (2)
curtain (2)
floor covering
hanging lamp

table with cloth
chest of drawers
meat safe
hay chest
gas ring
coal (13)
coal (sack) (2)
carpet sweeper
wall cupboard
lace curtain (2)
kitchen scales
wall hanging
paraffin lamp
wall plate (2)
kitchenware and house ware
small carpet
waste-paper basket

mat (2)
wall carpet (2)
coat hooks (2)
umbrella stand


small round table
travelling case (2)
box (2)
travel baskets (2)
electric heater
coal (sack) (6)



Mundane Evil


I found it difficult to find a suitable title for this blog but I think Mundane Evil probably describes it best. The picture is a list of belongings of an inmate of Auschwitz.

Unfortunately I can’t make out the first name , but the last name is Ludwig, however it also could be the first name, in Germany and other European countries the last name is often put first on official documents.

What makes this document so chilling is its mundane nature the title is “Directory of belongings of the estate” Above the title it gives the date of birth 23 July 1912 and the date of death February 2 1941.

It is not clear who this person was but it we do know the items he had when he went in to Auschwitz.

1 Suitcase

1 Hat

1 Coat

1 Jacket

I Pair of trousers

1 Vest

2 Shirts

2 Underpants

1 Tie

I pair of Shoes

1 Pair of socks

1 Handkerchief

1 Towel

2 Wallets

1 Briefcase

The 29,5 years of this person captured in a directory of items. He was murdered in Auschwitz on February 2,1941. This was before the mass killings started.

There is another date on the document , it is the date this document was issued March 7,1941. Six days after Heinrich Himmler inspected the camp and ordered its expansion.

The meticulousness of the data is just mind boggling, how can anyone be so evil and yet so mundane to tick of a list of possessions knowing that the person was murdered.Yet this kind of recording inventory  is so valuable as evidence.


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