Mount Vesuvius- The US Army Air Force forgotten enemy.

The last time the Mount Vesuvius erupted in Italy was on March 18 1944. The eruptions and the lava flows lasted for several days. The villages  of San Sebastiano al Vesuvio, Massa di Somma, and Ottaviano were destroyed, as was  part of San Giorgio a Cremano. 26 died and thousands had to flee their homes.Continue reading “Mount Vesuvius- The US Army Air Force forgotten enemy.”

Filippo Illuminato-13 year old resistance Hero.

I don’t want to make this a current political blog, and I won’t.,but I need to get this off my chest. Much too often do I hear that the current generations, often referred to as Generation Y(Millennials) and Generation Z(iGen) have it so much harder then any generation before them. It really gets my bloodContinue reading “Filippo Illuminato-13 year old resistance Hero.”

Mona Lisa smiles, but was she happy?

One of the most famous paintings, if not the most famous painting is the Mona Lisa,painted by Leonardo da Vinci. In 1503 or 1504 Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned to paint Lisa del Giocondo (nee Gherardini), the painting became known as the Mona Lisa. Aged 15, real-life Lisa Gherardini married Florentine merchant Francesco del Giocondo. aContinue reading “Mona Lisa smiles, but was she happy?”

The SS ransom demand of September 26-1943.

The killing of innocent lives is despicable enough but trying to make a profit out of it in the most deceitful way is beyond evil. Giving people hope that someway they will survive, where there really was no intention of sparing their lives,sickens me to the core. Shortly after  the armistice between Italy and theContinue reading “The SS ransom demand of September 26-1943.”

16 bodies in Lake Maggiore

The lakes of Italy are known for its beauty. Although I have been to Italy several times it was usually the Lake Garda area I would visit, every time I was awestruck by its beautiful surroundings. I did see Lake Maggiore once in passing and it also looked majestic. However this majestic beautiful place wasContinue reading “16 bodies in Lake Maggiore”

Ernest Erbstein-Holocaust survivor who died a tragic death.

Now that the World Cup Football is well on its way in Russia, it is a good opportunity at one of the sport’s legends. Ernest Erbstein, aka Ernest Egri-Erbstein was a Jewish-Hungarian football player and  He was involved in  football as a player and coach in several countries,  but he was most noted for hisContinue reading “Ernest Erbstein-Holocaust survivor who died a tragic death.”

Violet Gibson,would be assassin-The Irish woman who nearly killed Mussolini

This is one of those ‘What if’ stories, a different result would have made a massive impact on world’s history. Gibson was born in Dublin, Ireland, on August 31 1876. Her father was an Irish lawyer and politician, Edward Gibson, who was created Baron Ashbourne in 1886. Her mother, Frances, was a Christian Scientist. Violet grewContinue reading “Violet Gibson,would be assassin-The Irish woman who nearly killed Mussolini”

The Princess in the Concentration Camp

If it wasn’t for the awful setting of this story, the title could have referred to a fairy tale. But alas this is everything but a fairy tale even though it is a ‘grim tale’. Mafalda was born on 2 November 1902 in Rome to King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy and his wife, ElenaContinue reading “The Princess in the Concentration Camp”

Happy Birthday Santa Claus

I know what you’re all thinking” Has he lost his marbles, we are only 2 days away from St Patrick’s day and he is coming up with a Christmas story” Do not worry I can assure you that I still have all my faculties. Legend has it that on this day in the year 280Continue reading “Happy Birthday Santa Claus”

Raid of the Ghetto of Rome

There are two sad elements to this story. A-As so oft before during WWII victims had been given a sense of hope, often false hope given by the Nazi’s to even inflict psychological terror upon the physical crimes. However in this case the hope was given by the allies. B. So very little is knownContinue reading “Raid of the Ghetto of Rome”