Unclaimed life insurance policy


I came across a website which a list of approximately 2,000 unpaid or unclaimed life insurance policies of mainly Dutch  Jewish victims of the Holocaust. It was so profoundly sad to see so many families on that list. So much unfulfilled potential, it was heartbreaking.

I looked for a name I could somehow find a connection with,and I did. Herman Wolff, his last known address was Landweringstraat 15,Sittard,the Netherlands. A street I would have passed by many times when I was working at Philips in Sittard and I actually had a friend who lived  in that same street.

This might sound strange but in a way I was glad to see his name on that list, because he was the only person mentioned for that address, so I presumed that if he had a family they would have survived.


But I was wrong, Herman’s whole family was killed.

Herman died in Auschwitz,  on 31 January 1944.His wife Rosette Wolff-Koopman died on September 3,1943 in Auschwitz. His son Isaac Wolff died on the same day as his Rosette, he was aged 14.

Herman and Rosette’s youngest son also died on September 3,1943 he was aged 7.Benjamin was born on August 11, 1936 and in good Dutch tradition his proud parents announced his birth in a local newspaper.


It was a week before their 9th wedding anniversary.

A whole family wiped out because of some sick and twisted ideology , and to add insult to the suffering there in not even one person left to claim the insurance money owed to the family. After doing some research there doesn’t appear anyone of the Wolff or Koopman family left alive.

Herman was just one name on a list of thousands.


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