How many survived?

When you look at the picture above you can see a few boys having fun. You could ask yourself” Who are these boys?” or “What game are they playing?!

I don’t know who these boys are. I do know though that they were cared for by the BjZ or Buitenschoolse Jeugdzorg, which was a part of the Jewish council in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Buitenschoolse Jeugdzorg cared for Jewish children after school, The activities would include arts and crafts, music,dancing and sports and a few other activities.

The Jewish council was set up after some fights provoked by Dutch nazis broke out beween the Nazis and Jewish men in late January 1941. Hans Böhmcker who was an assistant to the Reich Commissioner for the Netherlands Arthur Seyß-Inquart. ordered the Jewish council to be set up and he made the council responsible to maintain peace and order in the Jewish quarter, which really was a ghetto, which had been established shortly after the skirmishes.

The BjZ gave the children some reprieve of their daily life during the German occupation.

It appears to me that the boys are playing football(soccer). There is another question which needs to be asked which is “How many survived?” Given the fact that about 75% of all Jews in the Netherlands were murdered by the Nazi regime there is a good chance that only 2 boys would have survived, if any.

Aside from the obvious horrors of the Holocaust, in ths case who knows what the world was deprived off. Who knows , maybe one or mor of these boys could have become footballing geniusese like Pele. Johan Cruijff or Maradona.

The more I write about the Holocaust the more I realize the ripple effect it had on the world’s history and future.

For all we know the scientist who potentially could have foreseen the Covid 19 virus was amongst the victims of the Holocaust. So much future damage was caused by the Holocaust which of course is impossible to quantify, but yet it is something we should never dismiss.


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