The Utah POW camp incident.

During World War II, Utah was home to approximately 15,000 Italian and German prisoners of war that were distributed across a number of  camps. Camp Salina was a small, temporary branch camp to accommodate overflow prisoners in Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City. From 1944 to 1945 it was home to about 250 Germans, mostContinue reading “The Utah POW camp incident.”

The ease of killing women and children-But orders are orders.

The one thing I find the most difficult in doing these blogs, is to remain as objective as possible and to try to keep emotions like anger out of it. It is nearly impossible, especially when you come across a story like the story of Reserve Police Battalion 101. As the name implies these men wereContinue reading “The ease of killing women and children-But orders are orders.”

The killing of Athletes

It is often said that the death of a million is a statistic but the death of one is a tragedy, and unfortunately this is true. People just become desensitized when they see the pictures of a great number of corpses. It is just human nature, a defense mechanism because the brain just can’t fathom theContinue reading “The killing of Athletes”

Wilhelm Kube’s Paradox in the Holocaust

Wilhelm Kube was a devout Christian as well as a zealous Nazi. Those 2 aspects of his life clashed a few times during WWII. In July 1941, just after the German occupation of the western parts of the Soviet Union, he was appointed Generalkommissar for Weissruthenien (now known as Belarus). As Generalkommissar he was in chargeContinue reading “Wilhelm Kube’s Paradox in the Holocaust”

The Rexist Party-Belgian Fascists

Germany and Italy weren’t the only countries with Fascists parties. Several European countries had National Socialist Fascists partyies, for example  The Netherlands had the NSB. In Belgium the Rexist Party(aka Rex), led by Léon Degrelle, won about 10 percent of the seats in the parliament in 1936. After failing 3 times to pass his finalContinue reading “The Rexist Party-Belgian Fascists”

The Tulle Massacre- The hanging of 99

What a sense of relief it must have been when the French people found out that the allied troops had finally arrived on June 6 1944. Unfortunately though D-Day wasn’t the end of the war it was only the start of the end and many innocent lives were still lost between that day and theContinue reading “The Tulle Massacre- The hanging of 99”

The Vinkt Massacre

One of the first crimes committed by the German army, in western Europe, took place in Belgium villages of Vinkt and Meighem, near Ghent, between 26–28 May 1940 during the Battle of the Lys.. The atrocity was perpetrated by the Wehrmacht, not the SS. The Vinkt bridge crossing the Schipdonk Canal was being guarded byContinue reading “The Vinkt Massacre”

Blood in the snow-Continuing evil in the Ardennes.

++++CONTAINS SHOCKING IMAGES+++++++++ Although the German army had one last offence left in them,it must have become quite clear to them that despite the early success during the Battle of the Bulge, the war was coming to an end and they would be at the losing side of it. Rather then accepting the inevitable inContinue reading “Blood in the snow-Continuing evil in the Ardennes.”

Thiaroye massacre-The forgotten WWII massacre.

I know what you are thinking”Another forgotten atrocity committed by the Nazi regime” but you’d be wrong. this massacre was carried out by the “good” guys. It is an often-neglected fact that the majority of General De Gaulle’s Free French Forces were not white Frenchmen but were predominantly troops from its colonies in Africa andContinue reading “Thiaroye massacre-The forgotten WWII massacre.”

Vasily Blokhin-Stalin’s butcher

Born to a Russian peasant family in 1895, as a young man he quickly earned a reputation for “chernaya rabota”, or “black work”, while serving in the Tsarist army during World War I- gaining recognition from Stalin himself for his covert assassinations, torture, and executions. Blokhin quickly rose through the ranks of Russia’s secret policeContinue reading “Vasily Blokhin-Stalin’s butcher”