The twisted evil mind of Mengele.

People sometimes think that Mengele was the only ‘Doctor’ in Auschwitz, but in fact there were more then a 30 physicians working there. Mengele however was the most notorious one, he also seemed to be the most enthusiastic sicentist, He had a particularly evil mind. I am not going to talk about the experiments becauseContinue reading “The twisted evil mind of Mengele.”


There are few people that intrigue and disgust me simultaneously in similar measures, but Mengele is one of them. I deliberately am not calling him Doctor because he failed to honor or even pledge to the Hippocratic Oath. One line of that oath states the following “I will use treatment to help the sick accordingContinue reading “Mengele”

A.B.C- The Boys from Argentina

“Mengele and Eichman tour I was here last year due to my father’s Nazi hunt in the 50s, lovely small Restaurant, even met a man in his 90s who knew many Nazis. Even had dinner in the corner with him where Mengele and Eichman once sat. You wont find anything from the past inside likeContinue reading “A.B.C- The Boys from Argentina”

The evil of Mengele.

I could fill this blog with pictures of the experiments Joseph Mengele conducted in Auschwitz, but I think most of the readers would not be able to stomach the images. I know I can’t ,therefore I am just going to quote some eye witness reports to illustrate how truly evil this man was. He hadContinue reading “The evil of Mengele.”

Painting for Mengele.

When you look at some bizarre connections in History, you cannot escape the fact that life sometimes has a ironic way of weaving a tapestry of coincidences. One of Hitler’s favourite movies was the Walt Disney classic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” released in 1937. One of the main animators of the movie wasContinue reading “Painting for Mengele.”

Mengele’s arrival in Auschwitz

On May 23rd 1943 Dr Joseph Mengele started his ‘work’ at Auschwitz. I am not going to say too much about this evil personified individual. He particularly found pleasure in working in Auschwitz The Doctors in Auschwitz were all scheduled according a work rota for the selections when new victims arrived by train, but MengeleContinue reading “Mengele’s arrival in Auschwitz”

Do cry for me Argentina- The other side of Evita Peron

The former first lady of Argentina has been accused of accepting Nazi treasures stolen from wealthy families during the Holocaust in return for using her country as a safe haven.  According to a new book, Eva Peron and her husband, former president Juan Peron, kept quiet about the number of Nazis who were hiding out inContinue reading “Do cry for me Argentina- The other side of Evita Peron”

The Ovitz family- The 7 dwarves of Auschwitz

This not a sequel to the fairy tale of the Grimm Brothers “Snow White and the seven dwarfs”  In many ways the story is more incredible then Snow white, the Disney version was Hitler’s favourite movie.This is the story of the The Ovitz family who through an ironic twist of fate survived Auschwitz, they were savedContinue reading “The Ovitz family- The 7 dwarves of Auschwitz”