The return of the McCarthy era and the 21st century equivalent of Nazi books burning.

Book burning

In the 1930 we had the Nazis burning and banning books which were not complying to Nazi ideology. They were not only books by Jewish authors but also books like “the Hunchback of the Notre Dame” and Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. Or “the Time machine” and “War of the Worlds” by HG Wells. Or books by James Joyce,Ernest Hemingway .

Fast forward to 1947 -1957 during the McCarthy era where famous and successful film producers, directors and screenwriters were silenced because they were deemed to be either communist or communist sympathizers, silenced without any trial or a shred of evidence, often because of hear say or the interpretation by someone. People like The Hollywood Ten with the likes of Oscar winning screenwriter Dalton Trumbo and Oscar winning director  Edward Dmytryk.


Fast forward to today. It is not the Nazis or the McCarthy committee but extreme feminists and vegans who are now on a witch hunt. This time the victims aren’t Jews or Communists but Men and people who enjoy a bit of meat with their dinner.

Songs like “Baby it’s cold outside”, which wasn’t deemed offensive for decades and still isn’t by the vast majority of people, now needs to be banned ,or virtually burned on a pyre.

Sayings like “Bringing home the bacon” and “Putting all your eggs in a basket” are suddenly deemed grossly inappropriate and again by a tiny minority of vegans . But this is the scary thing, there are radio stations and organisations actually banning these songs and saying on the behest of the tiny minority of the Vegan Feminazis.

Men can no longer pay a woman a compliment, or keep a door open for a woman. In fact the word Woman is now banned in Goldsmiths, University of London and Kings College London. The reason: it contains the term ‘Man’ according to a minority of students in those universities the word should now be Womxn, yes you read it right. Again the management of the universities are giving in to the demands of that minority.

It reminds me of a quote by Basil Fawlty “this is exactly how Nazi Germany started” and although the context of that quote comes from an  episode of Fawlty Towers, there is actually an element of truth in that.

A lot of this started with the misinterpretation of the Me Too movement as in #metoo .The founder of the movement ,Tamara Burke, said in a recent convention “Suddenly a movement that was started to support all survivors of sexual violence is being talked about like it’s a vindictive plot against men. And I’m like, ‘Huh? How did we get here?’”

I am a man, I have never assaulted any one male or female, I treat everyone with the respect they deserve, where I can help, I help. And yet I feel like I am being portrayed as something evil, something to be afraid of,something to be avoided like the plague.

I may have offended people in the past and equally I have been offended in the past and I am sure the same will apply in the future, Does this mean I want to silence those I don’t agree with? No of course it doesn’t.

What world would this be if everyone always thought the same, did the same,looked the same, dressed the same, listened to the same music and watch the same movies.

These vegan feminazis(and that is the only way I can describe them) claim they they fight for inclusiveness and diversity but what they really want is everyone to dance to their tune. And yes that is exactly how Nazi Germany started.






I usually do not do political blogs and this will probably be the only one I do, however I felt I had to write about the #metoo movement.



I can see why this movement started and to an extend I agree with it.
However what I find disturbing is the way they measure with 2 measure and how they assume people to be guilty until proven innocent.
In France a 14 year old boy was groomed by a teacher who was 24 years his senior, there may not have been any sexual contact until the boy was at a consensual age but the grooming had started when he was 14.
You would think there would be outrage and disgust about this when the news broke, since the teacher had at best abused her position in authority or at worst seduced a child, but no, in fact the opposite was true. The teacher was heralded as an empowered woman.
The couple did get married and the 14 year old student did become the president of France, but this does not change the fact that a figure of authority had initiated and conducted a relationship in an inappropriate manner.
On the other side there is a young woman who for years has been alleging that she has been sexually abused by her adoptive father.
For all these years this young woman has been ignored by the same people who are at the helm of the #metoo movement.
Not only does she allege that she was sexually abused by her father(be it adoptive), that same man also married the  adopted sister of the young woman, although he was technically not the adopted father of her sister, he had taken up that role and raised or partially raised that child.Either way he had known her since she was 9 and he was father figure to her.
The reason why the relationship broke up with the girls adoptive mother is because the mother had found nude pictures  of her partner and one of her young daughters(the one he married)

This week, in her first televised interview, the young woman renewed her allegations of sexual assault by  her adoptive father, when she was seven.


Her adoptive father is a well known actor and director and although these allegations have been going for several years, hardly any one of the Hollywood elite ever spoke out about it or voiced their concerns, No, the opposite is true, they have given this man a great number of awards, And there always has been a long list of actresses,many of them who are actively involved in the #metoo movement, have worked with him,continue to work with him or would do anything to work with him.

I know what you will say “Hang on these are only allegations, and nothing is proven” and  you’d be right, but this also goes for a great number of other allegations against men accused by #metoo, not proven in a court of law, just allegations.

I don’t think it necessary to tell you who I am talking about because I have posted pictures of the people in question.

As I said at the start I do agree with the movement to an extend, because it is important that women are respected equally as men but also vice versa.

What I don’t agree with is the hypocrisy. Don’t cherry pick to suit your own needs.

And it isn’t only women that are abused, men are abused also.