The tragic case of Milli Vanilli


Don’t worry I haven’t lost my Rock N Roll roots, but the Milli Vanilli case is a good indication of the hypocrisy of the Pop Music industry

On November 16 1990 Milli Vanilli were stripped of their Grammy Award because the duo did not sing at all on the Girl You Know It’s True album. Session musicians had provided all the vocals.


Nowadays there are countless Boy bands and Girl bands where maybe 1 or 2 can hold a tune and the rest are miming and no one seems to care. I know with Milli Vanilli the real musicians were at the background.not to be seen, but the principle of it is the same.

As for the 2 members of Milli Vanilli. a German  duo from Munich. The group was founded by Frank Farian in 1988 and consisted of Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus.

After the Grammy scandal there were several feeble attempts to control the damage caused by the scandal.

The session musicians who had actually provided all the vocals were formed as a band called ‘the Real Milli Vanilli’

The Real Milli Vanilli - The Moment Of Truth_Back

The resulting album, released in Europe in early 1991, was named The Moment of Truth and spawned three singles, “Keep On Running”, “Nice ‘n Easy” and “Too Late (True Love)”. A Morvan/Pilatus lookalike named Ray Horton was depicted on the cover along with the real singers; Brad Howell and John Davis. In addition, the album featured rappers Icy Bro on “Hard as Hell” and Tammy T on “Too Late (True Love)”. Original members and vocalists Jodie Rocco and Linda Rocco remained on 95% of the tracks. One of four Diane Warren-penned songs that are included on The Moment of Truth, “When I Die”, has been covered by several other artists, including Farian’s No Mercy. For the American market, Farian chose to avoid any association with Milli Vanilli and had the tracks re-recorded with Ray Horton on the majority of lead vocals, however, The Moment of Truth was never released in that format in the USA.

In 1992, RCA signed on to release the album as the debut of the newly created group Try ‘N’ B. The self-titled release included three additional tracks not on the Real Milli Vanilli release: “Ding Dong”, “Who Do You Love”, and a remake of Dr. Hook’s “Sexy Eyes”, and featured original Milli Vanilli vocalists Jodie Rocco and Linda Rocco.


Because of significantly better sales under the name Try ‘N’ B in America, a slightly modified Try ‘N’ B debut album was released internationally. It featured guest singer Tracy Ganser, a Ray Horton lookalike named Kevin Weatherspoon, as well as Jodie Rocco and Linda Rocco.

Meanwhile, Morvan and Pilatus moved to Los Angeles, California, and signed with the Joss Entertainment Group, where they recorded their follow-up album under the name Rob & Fab. Almost all the songs on the album were written by Kenny Taylor and Fab Morvan, while Morvan and Pilatus provided the lead vocals. Because of financial constraints, Joss Entertainment Group was only able to release the album in the United States, the priority market to Milli Vanilli. A single, “We Can Get It On”, was made available for radio play shortly before the album’s release.


However, the lack of publicity, poor distribution, and their steep fall from the height of pop-culture visibility after the lip-synching scandal contributed to its failure. The album only sold around 2,000 copies(Still 2001 too many in my opinion)

But alas there was a real tragedy Eight years after fifteen-minute pop sensation Milli Vanilli were ensconced in the annals of pop infamy for not singing on their Grammy winning debut album and lip-syncing in concert, model/dancer/”singer” Rob Pilatus was found dead from an overdose of alcohol and pills in a Frankfurt hotel room on Thursday, April 2. He was 33.


This case says it all about the Pop Music industry, they just don’t know when to quit even when the game is up, leaving a path of destruction behind it.

On the radio this morning I heard a record executive complaining about the breach of copyrights by the likes of YouTube and how it was costing the music industry millions,possibly billions. However he forgot to mention the elephant in the room, the quality of music is just very poor, the songs don’t have any longevity.

I tested this theory ones where I asked someone to name 3 number 1 hits of the last few years, and they couldn’t.

Ending up with that infamous song.




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