Edmund Plesser- Born 16 October 1928- Murdered 23 July 1943

One thing I only thought of today. On September 26 1940 there was a ban imposed on all Jewish newspapers in the Netherlands, with the exception of ” Het Joodsche Weekblad” the Jewish weekly. I always found that strange, why didn’t they ban all newspapers? Then today I cam across the story of Edmund PlesserContinue reading “Edmund Plesser- Born 16 October 1928- Murdered 23 July 1943”

I am Annie

I am Annie Nakache. My Father,Alfre Nakache was a famous Olympic swimmer. In 1936 he competed in the Berlin Olympic games for France. In July 1941 he set the world record in the 200 metre breaststroke with a time of 2:36.8. But his biggest achievement happened on August 12,1941. He became a father that day.Continue reading “I am Annie”

Reached the age of 9 years

“Reached the age of 9 years” may seem like a very matter of fact and brutal title , but the brutal honesty is many of the 1.5 million children murdered during the Holocaust did not even reach that age. Reached the age of 9 years should never be said of any child as the ageContinue reading “Reached the age of 9 years”

15 Month enemy of the state

I wish I could explain why this 15 month old girl was an enemy of the state, but I can’t I wish I cold explain why this 15 month girl was an enemy of the French state ,but I can’t. I wish I could explain why this 15 month old girl was an enemy ofContinue reading “15 Month enemy of the state”

I am

I am a child I am innocent I am a daughter. I am a primary school pupil I am a young girl. I am a human being I am human I am a child with a whole future ahead of herself I am a potential future painter,decorator,dentist, neurosurgeon,homemaker,artist,musician,dancer,actress, virologist, someone who finds the cure forContinue reading “I am”

Then something inside me broke.

I have done a few hundred of these blogs now, blogs about children where I tried to bring them back to live a small bit, But when I saw the picture of Franciska Weisz something inside me broke, I know thst she is just one of 1.5 million children who were brutally murdered. I thenContinue reading “Then something inside me broke.”

A happy baby who had to die.

There is nothing more beautiful and rewarding then the smile of a baby. Nothing comes even close to it. When you see a happy baby you cannot help but smile. When you see a happy baby you get a warm feeling and a sense of peace and serenity. The beauty of sound of a laughingContinue reading “A happy baby who had to die.”

Only 11

Helene Wegbrejt it is just a random name She lived in Paris. She was French and Jewish.  Her birthday was September 16,1930. She would have been 89 today,but she didn’t even get to age 12. She was murdered in August 1942 in Auschwitz. She was one of many on Transport 20 from Pithiviers to AuschwitzContinue reading “Only 11”

My letter to Henio Zytomirski

Henio Zytomirski was a 9 year old boy who was gassed at Majdanek concentration camp in Poland , on November 9 1942. In 2005 a project was started in Lubin ,Poland, called ‘Letters to Henio. Each year on April 19 ,which is Holocaust Remembrance Day in Poland, pupils and citizens of Lublin are asked toContinue reading “My letter to Henio Zytomirski”

Just a happy girl

Just a happy girl without a care in the world. Nor should she have any cares or worries. Her job is to be a child, go to school, do homework but most of all to be a child. At a desk with a peaceful picture of grazing Frisian cows behind her, Maybe they ere theContinue reading “Just a happy girl”