Frieda Jungst

Frieda Jungst just an ordinary name

Frieda Jungst just an ordinary girl

Frieda Jungst not a soldier or terrorist

Frieda Jungst not someone being a risk to the population

Frieda Jungst just a girl with a dress, socks, shoes and a teddy bear

Frieda Jungst she should still be alive

Frieda Jungst murdered because she was a Jew

Frieda Jungst daughter of Abraham and Dora (nee Frydman) Jungst, she was born January 3, 1938 in Charleroi, Belgium. She was murdered in Auschwitz on January 15, 1943 at the age of 5.

Frieda Jungst you may be gone but you are not forgotten


Moshe Hecht- A cheeky boy

This little cheeky boy is called Moshe Hecht.

I would like to tell you his story. When you Google his name you will see that Moshe Hecht is a singer in a band, the Moshe Hecht band.

However the cheeky boy Moshe Hecht is not that Moshe Hecht.

I would like to tell you that Moshe Hecht grew up to become a successful business man, an award winning entrepeneur. Or that he grew up to become a great surgeon, but he is not that Moshe Hecht. in fact I don’t even know if there is a business man with that name

I perhaps could tell you that Moshe Hecht was a carpenter who fixed the stairs in our house when I was 7 years old, but he is not that man.

However that beautiful cheeky little chap. Moshe Hecht. did not to grow up passed the age of 7. He was murdered in Auschwitz om the 14th of May 1942.

A 7 year old boy who was not allowed to live just because he was Jewish. His life was taken from him, his talents were taken from us, but his smile remains as a reminder to us of his innocence.

Annelise Julie van Voolen- 9 month old enemy of the state

I need someone to explain to me the threat this 9 month old child posed to the Nazi state?

Annelise Julie van Voolen was born 17 September 1942 in Amsterdam and was murdered on 1 July 1943 in Westerbork. She was cremated the following day July 2nd.

I don’t know what caused her death but I will call it murder nonetheless. I can only assume she died because of the appalling living circumstances in Westerbork

Late may 1943 Annelise’s father Maurits, found out while he was in is office at the Jewish council, that his family was picked up during a raid in Amsterdam. He wrote a letter to some friends telling them about the fate of his family and that he would voluntarily join them in Westerbork concentration camp. He also asked friends to send letters and parcels.

Maurits van Voolen was murdered in Extern kommando Kaufering, 9 January 1945.

As far as I know his wife survived.


Humanity has never really recovered from the Holocaust

I wish I could say that despite the horrors inflicted during the Holocaust, humanity found a way to restore itself.

But I would be lying, because how can we possibly say that, knowing that 1.5 million children were brutally murdered in the most inhumane way.

Children like Greetje Leger who has only become a statistic, containg the data ‘Reached the age of 3 years, born 18 October 1940, Amsterdam- Murdered February 11,1944 Auschwitz.

Like all the other 1.5 million children Greetje was not a statistic but a living human being. Who could have meant so much to humanity. She could have been a mother, grandmother, aunt, nurse, doctor, scientist, plumber, teacher, carpenter, police officer .The list is endless.

Today she should have been celebrating Sinterklaas with her grandchildren or great grandchildren. Her face should have lit up seeing the kids open their presents

However an evil ideology caused her death as a toddler. An ideology that never really went away. it just went dormant for a while and is slowly waking up again.

Klara Boda – A child with 2 fluffy toys.

Klara Boda- just a child

Klara Boda, just a child with 2 fluffy toys.

Klara Boda, just a child who wanted to go to school

Klara Boda, just a child who wanted to be a princess.

Klara Boda, just a child whose live was really not complicated.

Klara Boda, all she needed was love and care.

Klara Boda, just a child who received that love and care from her parents.

Klara Boda,Klara Boda,Klara Boda. I put down the name Klara Boda several times to mke sure it gets ingrained in your mind.


Because Klara Boda was seen as a threat. This child with two fluffy toys would cause the breakdown of society according to that sick and twisted policy adhered to by the Nazi regime.

Klara Boda was only 5 when she was murdered she didn’t even get the chance to go to school.

I want you to feel uncomfortablw. I want you to sit down for 5 minutes and look at the picture of Klar Boda and her 2 fluffy toys. I want you to realize that it was perfectly legal for this child to be murdered . I want you to even try to fathom that the murder of this child ws probably carried out by someone who may have a child of that age himself or would at least have a niece of that age, yet to him it was perfectly justified to kill Klara.

And if you can fathom that then please tell me. Because I can’t. All I can do is cry because my heart is broken.

There was no reason for Klara to be murdered , nor was there any reason for all the other 1.5 million children to be murdered or any of the millions of adults for that matter. It was all because an idea some people had, an idea that they were superior. A notion that they were a master race. But they were not. They were just evil and indifferent, filled with hate.

Klara Boda born 16 October 1938,Tamási járás, Tolna, Hungary. Murdered July 1944 in Auschwitz.


Benno Redisch- What could have been!

I wish I could tell you that this picture was used to have a good laugh at my history teacher Benno Redisch. That the picture was handed to us by his wife , to use in a presentation of his 10th anniversary as a teacher. But he was not my teacher.

I wish I could tell you that this was given to me by my boss’s wife. And that we used it on January 13,1989 for his 50th birthday celebration. That we according to good Dutch tradition made a doll or figurine called Abraham, (according to Dutch tradition all men when they reach the age 50 they see Abraham. I believe it is from the biblical Abraham). We glued the picture on the doll. to use it as his face, as a joke.But he was not my boss.

I wish I called tell you that Benno was the owner of the bakery who made my wedding cake. But he never owned a bakery.

I wish I could tell you that when I hurt my back, Benno was the surgeon who fixed me. But Benno was not a surgeon.

I wish I could tell you that one day we had a burst pipe in our apartment and when I called my plumber Benno, he arrived 5 minutes later and fixed the problem. But he was not a plumber.

I wish I could tell you Benno lived to age 10, but he didn’t.

I wish I could tell you Benno lived to age 9, but he didn’t.

I wish I could tell you Benno lived to age 8, but he didn’t.

I wish I could tell you Benno lived to age 7, but he didn’t.

I wish I could tell you Benno lived to age 6, but he didn’t.

I wish I could tell you Benno lived to age 5, but he didn’t.

Benno was murdered in Sobibor aged 4.

He was born in Amsterdam on January 13,1939 and murdered on June 4,1943 in Sobibor.

Benno was denied a life. We were denied his life.


Edmund Plesser- Born 16 October 1928- Murdered 23 July 1943

One thing I only thought of today. On September 26 1940 there was a ban imposed on all Jewish newspapers in the Netherlands, with the exception of ” Het Joodsche Weekblad” the Jewish weekly. I always found that strange, why didn’t they ban all newspapers?

Then today I cam across the story of Edmund Plesser a young talened Jewish singer. When he was aged 8 he did a convert in the small oratorium of the Amsterdam Concert building. The concert was led by Samuel Henri Englander, I presume. That was the name on the advertisement in the newspaper.

In October 1941 Edmund’s parents announced the Bar mitzvah of their son which would occur on October 25, 1941. The ad must have been placed in ” Het Joodsche Weekblad” because that was the only news paper was allowed to be used by the Dutch Jews.

When I saw this ad it dawned on me because the as gives all the details of the family, their address, their names. It was basically a record for the Nazis and their collaborators. So even that bit of freedom the Dutch Jews had was used as a tool to locate them, Undoubtedly other Jewish families would have placed similar ads or announcements of other family events.

Edmund and his family were murdered in Sobibor on July 23,1943.

Edmund’s musical director Samuel Henri Englander was also murdered in Sobibor , on June 11, 1943 about 6 weeks before the Plesser family was murdered.


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I am Annie

I am Annie Nakache.

My Father,Alfre Nakache was a famous Olympic swimmer. In 1936 he competed in the Berlin Olympic games for France.

In July 1941 he set the world record in the 200 metre breaststroke with a time of 2:36.8.

But his biggest achievement happened on August 12,1941. He became a father that day. A father to me Annie Nakache. I was born in Constantine Algeria.

This strange thing happened though in 1944 , my parents and I were sent to a camp called Auschwitz. My mother and I were murdered there.

I am Annie Nakache, a child of 2 Jewish people one died with me the other one survived,

My dad would win more races after the war but he lost his wife and his daughter Annie Nakache.

I am Annie Nakache. I could have become a famous Olympian ,maybe a footballer.

I am Annie Nakache but an evil regime did not deem me to be worthy of life.

Reached the age of 9 years


“Reached the age of 9 years” may seem like a very matter of fact and brutal title , but the brutal honesty is many of the 1.5 million children murdered during the Holocaust did not even reach that age.

Reached the age of 9 years should never be said of any child as the age of death.

Reached the age of 9 years should never be said of any child as the age of death because of murder.

But reached the age of 9 years was the reality of Hannelore Cahn, born on 31 May 1935 in Wesseling near Cologne, Germany. Murdered on 25 October 1944 in Auschwitz.

It is not clear how Hannelore ended up in the Netherlands . She was the daughter of Emil Cahn and Irene Löwenstein. In 1939  she and her 2 brothers Kurt and Josef came from Cologne in Germany to the Netherlands and resided at the Jewish orphanage in Utrecht,

Her brother Kurt reached the ag15 years, he was born om April 10,1929 39 years before I was born. He was murdered on 28 February 1945, not clear where he was murdered.

Her brother Josef reached the age of 19 born in Wesseling, 25 August 1925 and died in Germany just before the war ended on 2 May 1945.

All 3 Cahn children I presume were sent by their parents to the Netherlands, to escape the Nazi regime.

Their Father Emil, ended up in the British army and shortly after the war he enquired about his children, only to find out they all were killed. No Father should ever have to go through that.

Reached the age of 9 years a brutal reality because of a warped ideology.


15 Month enemy of the state


I wish I could explain why this 15 month old girl was an enemy of the state, but I can’t

I wish I cold explain why this 15 month girl was an enemy of the French state ,but I can’t.

I wish I could explain why this 15 month old girl was an enemy of the French state controlled by a Nazi regime, but I can’t

I wish I could explain why this 15 month old girl was an enemy of the French state, controlled by a Nazi regime and accommodated by French politicians, but I can’t

I wish I could explain why this 15 month old girl was an enemy of the state, and although she was an enemy she survived, but I can’t because she didn’t.

I wish I could explain why this 15 month old girl was an enemy of the state and was taken from her birthplace Lyon and transported to Auschwitz, but I can’t

I wish I could explain why this 15 month old girl was an enemy of the state and was murdered in the gas chambers in Auschwitz, but I can’t.

What I can say is that her name is Martine Polack, born 29 October 1942,Lyon France.Murdered on February 3, 1944, Auschwitz,Poland.