A happy baby who had to die.


There is nothing more beautiful and rewarding then the smile of a baby. Nothing comes even close to it.

When you see a happy baby you cannot help but smile.

When you see a happy baby you get a warm feeling and a sense of peace and serenity.

The beauty of sound of a laughing baby surpasses the most beautiful song.

No one should feel any sense of hate when they are in the presence of a happy baby.

This happy baby however had to die.

She had to die, why?

That is a question that puzzles me. Why did any baby had to die? I know there are those who mean well and try to explain to me that the Nazis even saw innocent babies as a threate, because they though the Jewish bloodline would go on though them.

But I don’t care much for that explanation. The fact is that we all have a choice, The ones who murdered this baby also had a choice, they choose hate over love, bad over good, compassion over indifference,

Zsuzsanna Gerstl, a Hungarian Jewish Girl, would have celebrated her 78th birthday today, but she was murdered aged 2, or maybe eve younger  in a gas chamber in Auschwitz, in 1944. This happy baby  had to die.


Only 11


Helene Wegbrejt it is just a random name

She lived in Paris. She was French and Jewish.  Her birthday was September 16,1930. She would have been 89 today,but she didn’t even get to age 12. She was murdered in August 1942 in Auschwitz.

She was one of many on Transport 20 from Pithiviers to Auschwitz which left on August 17, 1942.

Helene Wegbrejt just a random name but not a random girl. She was a young lady who had a bright future ahead of her as an actress or teacher or just a mother and home maker but she was not allowed to become any of this.

Her murder may have seen random but it was not, It was a deliberate plan to erase a group of people who did not fit in the warped Nazi ideology.

Helene Wegbrejt was only 11 when she died.

Seeing this beautiful child all dresses up which such a pride in her expression and a lovely smile just breaks my heart, to think that she could have been considered a threat. It just sickens me to the core.

My letter to Henio Zytomirski


Henio Zytomirski was a 9 year old boy who was gassed at Majdanek concentration camp in Poland , on November 9 1942.

In 2005 a project was started in Lubin ,Poland, called ‘Letters to Henio. Each year on April 19 ,which is Holocaust Remembrance Day in Poland, pupils and citizens of Lublin are asked to send letters addressed to Henio Zytomirski at 11th Kowalska Street, the last known address of Henio in Lublin.

Although it is not the 19th of April today I still will send him a letter via this blog. It is not only a letter to Henio but also an indictment to those who want to silence people like me. People who desperately want to keep the memory of Henio ,and all the other victims alive, But often they are met by threats of those who take pleasure in the Holocaust and/or deny it, Or are threatened by history revisionists who lack the bravery and dignity to admit their nation made many mistakes, they rather sweep it under the carpet.More disturbingly they are being ridiculed by so called Holocaust scholars, not because they are telling untruths , but because they choose a different word then these so called scholars would and they start a war of semantics not realizing how much damage that does because it distracts from the message. The message of maintaining the memories alive , the memories like those of Henio.

My Letter to Henio

Dear Hennio,

I should not have to send you a letter. In fact I should not even know your name. You really should have lived a mundane or even boring life. Or perhaps a very exciting life but you didn’t.

You never got the chance to grow up . You were born 25 March 1933 and murdered in a most brutal way on November 9 1942. You were just 9 years old when you were killed.

Your life was taken from you but your memory isn’t.

Nowadays you would probably have been called an ‘influencer’ because you have several social media accounts with a great number of followers. But if I look at some of the pages dedicated to you I get sad, because they are using you as a way to get some political message across.

You were not a politician, How could you have been? You were only 9. All I want to do is to show your picture and a few details of your life so that people remember your name, and maybe they will even try to find out more about you, and that is good, because that means a piece of you is still alive.

There are some who want to stop me from telling your story and that of other children, but I won’t let them, Because these people have nothing to contribute to society.

If my day comes and I hope that won’t be any day soon, and I pass through I pass through the pearly gates,if I am allowed, I will look you up and we will talk then.

For now my young friend rest in peace in the knowledge you are not forgotten.

Just a happy girl


Just a happy girl without a care in the world.

Nor should she have any cares or worries.

Her job is to be a child, go to school, do homework but most of all to be a child.

At a desk with a peaceful picture of grazing Frisian cows behind her, Maybe they ere the cows she got her milk from she might ponder.

A smile that would melt anyone’s heart. a smile that would bring anyone joy and not hate.

Yet it was hate that killed her.

Nelly Vega born in Amsterdam on 2 April 1934, killed in Sobibor 9 July 1943.

Just a happy girl without a care in the world, it was too much to deal with for the evil men that killed her. Happy was not on their agenda, Joy was not on their agenda, Love was not on their agenda, at least not for those they deemed subhuman  and to be less then them. But in reality it was those evil men who were subhuman.

But this happy girl without a care in the world. Makes me realize that evil will not prevail.


A boy and a ball


A boy and a ball. there is nothing more natural.

A boy and a ball. his parents want him to play outside and urge him not to fall.

A boy and a ball. he kicks it for the first time and he is overwhelmed with joy.

A boy and a ball. nothing expensive or fancy just a simple toy.

A boy and a ball. who would want him to be harmed.

A boy and a ball. he wasn’t a soldier who was armed.

A boy and a ball.no danger to anyone accept perhaps himself.

A boy and a ball.a boy and a ball.a boy and a ball.

Killed in Auschwitz aged 4 in 1944.

A boy and a ball.not a statistic

A boy and a ball. with a name ,Tibi Meier Haberman.

A boy and a ball.




A smiley face on a passport application form.


A smiley face on a passport application form.

A smiley face of a girl who had high hopes of travelling and get many stamps in her passport.

A smiley face of a girl who maybe one day would become a famous child actor, like Shirley Temple because she looks just like her. The same Shirley Temple who would become an ambassador of the US in the country where this passport application was issued.

A smiley face of a girl who perhaps one day would become the scientist who who find a vaccine for many diseases.

A smiley face of a girl who just wanted to be that, a girl. But she was not allowed to be a girl.

A smiley face of a girl who became a statistic, but she is not a statistic. She was murdered for the crime of being a human being.

She was born 29. 10. 1930 and was put on Transport B, no. 411 on 21. 10. 1941, Prague to Łódź, where she was murdered.

Her name is Eva Abelesova.a girl with a smiley face.







We will never know.


We will never know what you might have become.

We will never know if you would discover a cure for cancer.

We will never know if you would write the most beautiful love songs.

We will never know how many house you might have built.

We will never know how many jokes you could have told.

We will never know what brings you joy.

We will never know the boy behind those piercing eyes.

We do know your bane is Peter Blödy

We do know you were loved by your family

We do know your birthday is  31 October 1936, born in Vienna.

We do know you were killed 23 Oct 1944, 8 days before your 8th birthday.

We do know you were killed in Auschwitz

I do know I will not forget you.



One teardrop


One teardrop roles down my face when I see your smile.

I don’t know why because I have never met you.

Yet I feel a profound sadness to know that this smile will never be seen again.

One tear roles down my face when I read you were murdered aged 4 or 5.

Then I realize yo were not the only one. 1.5 million children were murdered by the same ideology or rather idiocracy..

1.5 million tears roll down my face. One tear for each of the innocent lives destroyed by a regime that saw people like me-tall,blonde and blue eyed- as the perfect human being, and that makes me feel sick sometimes.

There are no perfect human beings, we all have our imperfections and that is what makes us unique individuals because none of the imperfections are he same. That uniqueness is our wealth and makes us all equal.

The closest to perfection are those 1.5 million children who were murdered.

Killed by evil idiots. But not in my name. I am one of those tall,blond blue eyed ‘Godlike’ humans that these idiots aspired to become like. The truth is we are the furthest away  of a divine creature you could possibly imagine.

You killed 1.5 million of the most divine creatures ever to roam the planet. Divine creatures like Zsuzsa Guttmann who was murdered in Auschwitz Birkenau in 1944.

But not in my name. Never in my name.

Harriëtte Zeeman


Harriëtte Zeeman just another teenager.

But she was more then that.

She was someones’s daughter.

She was someone’s sister.

She was someone’s friend.

She was someone’s student.

She was someone’s neighbor.

She was someone who annoyed people.

She was someone who made people laugh.

She was someone born in Amsterdam.

She was someone’s enemy.

She was someone who was murdered by an evil regime in Auschwitz, on 26 October 1942.

She was someone who was murdered aged 14, the same age as my daughter is now.

Annelise Julie van Voolen-Murdered age 9 months.


I know some people will criticize me for this article. Because they cannot fathom why anyone would harm a 9 month old baby, leave alone murder her.

Seeing the face of a baby , knowing the child was killed by an evil regime, hits them hard in the gut.

But I don’t care, truth is I want people to feel uncomfortable when they look into the eyes of this baby girl. A baby girl that could have grown up to be their teacher, cleaner, chef, doctor or the mother of their best friend, or even their mother in law.

Stories like Annelise Julie van Voolen’s story have to hit us hard. They have to shake our core values. The people who killed her were not that different from us. There is often talks about an inconvenient truth. This is one of those inconvenient truths.

The people who killed Annelise were quite possible well educated and cultured. But they listened to a promise. A promise of a better life and prosperity. The promise of having a life filled with a purpose. They liked the promises they heard and fully immersed themselves in the ideology that fueled those promises.

However they never asked the question that any one should ask themselves if they hear a promise. How? How are they going to fulfill these promises? What is the price that needs to be paid?

And I get it. When you are promised a better life it is very seductive. But when following this promise is followed without critical thinking you only create chaos and destruction.

The really sad thing is we haven’t changed all that much. We still fall for promises and ideas without questioning them, and now as it was then , the few who do ask the questions are ostracized.

I sincerely hope you feel the anger when you see the face of Annelise Julie van Voolen. Born in Amsterdam 17 September 1942 , Murdered in Westerbork, 1 July 1943. 9 months old.

But don’t let the anger make you bitter but let it make you a critical thinker, ask questions, ensure this doesn’t happen ever again.

Those who survived the Holocaust will soon all be gone. It is our duty to continue telling their stories and the stories of all their loved ones who were brutally murdered, soame even younger then Annelise