The 7 year old enemy of the state


A 7 year old enemy of the state is what I am.

Not like a spy or soldier

A 7 year old enemy of the state is what I am.

Not like a politician or a criminal

A 7 year old enemy of the state is what I am.

Not like someone evil or bad

A 7 year old enemy of the state is what I am.

I am an enemy of the state but I am not alone.

A 7 year old enemy of the state is what I am.

I am a little girl, I am Annette Kohn.

A 7 year old enemy of the state is what I am.

But how can I be, my biggest crime is eat too many sweets

A 7 year old enemy of the state is what I am.

But how can I be, because my dinner I always eat.

A 7 year old enemy of the state is what I am.

But no longer, for I was killed in August 1944 in Auschwitz.






They did not like my smile

Peter Ginz

They did not like my smile, at least I don’t think they did, for why else do they hate me so much?

They did not like my smile, but I can’t help it, I’m a child and I am supposed to be happy and cheerful.

They didn’t like my kind, but I don’t understand I am not different then them.

They didn’t like me being kind. I am a teenager, it was what I do. My parents thought me to be kind and respect others.

They did not like my smile. Why am I so offensive to them?

They did not like my smile. Why?

They didn’t like me to be alive.

They killed me, I am Peter Ginz  I was born in 1928 in Prague , Czechoslovakia and was murdered  in Terezin in 1943.

1 of 20


I am Sergio de Simone  7 yr. old Jewish Italian boy killed at the Bullenhauser Damm School on April 20 1945, the birthday of the Führer. I am one of 20.

I am one of 20 who had been used for medical experiments

20 killed on day 20 of 1945.

20 killed 10 days before the Führer killed himself.

We were killed as were our care takers just a few days before the war ended.

We were killed even though it was clear they had lost the war and as an act of compassion they could have let us live, but they chose not to.

20 killed, 20 totally innocent lives.

I am one of 20 ,20 Jewish children, ten boys and ten girls, had been brought from Auschwitz to the concentration camp of Neuengamme, just outside Hamburg.

First they made us ill and then they killed us.

I am one of 20. 20 of 1.5 million


I am a product of love.


I am a product of love,love between a man and a woman.

I am a product of love, by 2 people who would do anything for me.

I am a product of love, for anyone who looks into my angelic eyes can’t but love me.

I am a product of love to all those around me.

But I am not only a product of love I am also a victim of hate.

I am a victim of hate, hated by those who say they love their country and the men who lead them.

I am a victim of hate for some think I am different,not quite human.

I am a victim of hate, but yet I have 10 fingers and 10 toes just like those who hate me.

I am a victim of hate because I am different but yet I am the same.

I am a victim of hate but I don’t want to be remembered as a victim of hate.

I am Celine de Vries but people also call me Lieneke. I was born in Amsterdam on Nov 15 1936. But I died a long way from home in Sobibor on June 11 1943. I was only 6.

I am a victim of hate but I want to remembered as a product of love.



And then suddenly I vanished


My name is Renate Hirsch , I was born in Haiger,Wiesbaden in Germany on 14/07/1935.

I wish I could tell you my favourite game

I wish I could tell you who my best friend was

I wish I could sing for you my favourite song, or that I could tell you which instruments I play.

I wish I could show you pictures of my first ballet recital or my first goal I scored in hockey.

I wish I could show a drawing of a field of tulips I drew. when I was out on a picnic with my parents on a hot July day, my birthday perhaps.

But I can’t for I vanished. I died but no one knows where or when.No longer a human just a number, one of many.


The smile of an Angel


The smile of Henri Fragman , how Angelic.

Those eyes tell so many stories.

The story of a 5 year old who got his hands dirty playing in the mud, even though his mother told him to stay clean because she was about to serve dinner.

The story of the boy who loved to play hide and go seek. He was the best because he had a secret hiding place, no one would ever find him. It was in his own room under the bed, and although his dad would often check there during the game, he never ever found him.

The eyes who say I just took a cookie from the cookie jar while you weren’t looking.

The smile that clearly hides some playful mischievousness.

A smile of a little boy whose biggest ambition is to go outside and kick a ball

A smile of an Angel hated by a regime.

A smile of an Angel deemed not to be worthy staying alive.

A smile that was ended on August 21, 1942,

Little Angel Henri Fragman murdered age 5 in Auschwitz


Picture courtesy of ancientfaces

I am 3


My name is Julia Bricht, I am 3.

When I am four I will go to school and learn all sorts of things and play with my friends.

When I am 6 I will go the big school and will get to know more people and learn even more things.

When I am 12 I will go to the high school and become a star pupil and I will be wise and educated.

When I am 18 I will go to University and will study to become a Doctor or an Architect and maybe I will write books.

Or maybe I will not go to university but art college and become a painter, dancer or a beautiful singer.

When I am 24 I will get married to a wonderful man and we will have children and we will be happy and travel to see the world.

But I am 3 and I am murdered in Auschwitz.

Marianne Bachmeier- The Vengeance of a Mother.


On 5 May 1980, Anna Bachmeier,aged: 7 years and 5 months, did not go to school to spite her mother. When trying to visit a friend her own age, Anna was abducted by Klaus Grabowski, a 35-year-old butcher. He is said to have held Anna for several hours at home and then strangled her with a pair of tights. According to the Prosecutor he had tied the girl tight, packed her into a box, which he then buried on the canal bank in a shallow grave.


Klaus Grabowski was a convicted sex offender and had previously been sentenced for the sexual abuse of two girls. During his detention, he was castrated in 1976 and, two years later, underwent hormone treatment. Once arrested, Grabowski stated that he did not intend to sexually abuse Anna. He said the girl had wanted to tell her mother that he had touched her inappropriately, with the aim of extorting money from him.

On 6 March 1981, the third day of the trial, Marianne Bachmeier smuggled a Beretta M1934 into the courtroom of Lübeck District Court and shot the alleged killer of her daughter Anna, Klaus Grabowski, in the back. She aimed the gun at Grabowski’s back and pulled the trigger eight times.


Seven of the shots hit, and the 35-year-old defendant was killed instantly.

This is probably the most well-known case of vigilante justice in Germany. It sparked extensive media coverage, television crews from all over the world travelled to Lübeck to report on this case.

A large part of the population showed understanding for her actions. She sold her life story for about 250,000 Deutschmarks in an exclusive to the news magazine Stern.


On 2 November 1982, Marianne Bachmeier was initially charged in court with murder. Later the prosecution dropped the murder charge. After 28 days of negotiations, the Board agreed on the verdict. Four months after the opening of proceedings she was convicted on 2 March 1983 by the Circuit Court Chamber of the District Court Lübeck for manslaughter and sentenced for unlawful possession of a firearm to six years in prison, but was later released after serving three years.

Marianne Bachmeier married in 1985 and moved in 1988 to Lagos, Nigeria with her husband, a teacher. There they lived in a German camp where her husband taught at a German school. They divorced in 1990 and she moved to Sicily. She was diagnosed with cancer there, whereupon she returned to Germany.

In 1994, 13 years after her act, she gave an interview on Germany radio: “I think there is a very big difference if I kill a little girl, because I’m afraid that I then have to go to prison for my life. And then also the ‘how’, so that I stand behind the girl and, strangle her which is taken literally from his statement: ‘I heard something come out of her nose, I was fixated, then I could not stand the sight of her body any longer ‘. ”

On 21 September 1995, she appeared on the talk show Fliege on the Das Erste TV channel. She admitted that she had shot the alleged killer of her daughter after careful consideration, to enforce the law on him, and to prevent him from further spreading lies about Anna.

On 17 September 1996, she died at the age of 46 years from pancreatic cancer in a hospital in Lübeck. It had actually been her desire to die in her adopted home of Palermo. Before her death, she asked the NDR reporter Lukas Maria Böhmer, to accompany her with movie camera in the last stages of her life.


She is buried in the same grave as her daughter Anna in a graveyard in Lübeck.



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