It’s their birthday today, but they were murdered before the age of 6.

I was going to do a piece on Nora Italiaander. She would have celebrated her 80th birthday today, but she was murdered on June 4,1943 in Sobibor. She was just aged 2. The picture above is of her death notification issued on the 11th of June 1947, 4 years after her death. But like NoraContinue reading “It’s their birthday today, but they were murdered before the age of 6.”

I have to tell your story- Betrayed by domestic violence.

I don’t want to tell your story but I have to. It is my duty as a father and as human being to ensure that no child will ever get treated like you were treated, My heart breaks each time when I see a picture of innocence, knowing that this innocence was destroyed. What makesContinue reading “I have to tell your story- Betrayed by domestic violence.”

Remembering the innocents.

Every life lost during the Holocaust was an innocent life but the lost lives of Children is what disturbs me the most. I just want to say this blog is not made up of scientific data but just an idea that came up in my head overnight, and thinking of it to me it soundedContinue reading “Remembering the innocents.”

Four Innocent Lives

This picture really upset me, it comes from an album from the National Monument of Camp Vught. When I saw the picture first I thought it was a family picture of 4 siblings. But these kids are not related, it appears to be a staged picture taken at  Vught Concentration Camp But that is notContinue reading “Four Innocent Lives”

My heart is broken

I don’t know how often I have seen this picture but it is today it finally broke my heart. I sat down and looked at it for a few minutes. Where before I only saw an woman, probably an elderly woman and 3 children walking towards the gas chambers. What is so utterly disturbing aboutContinue reading “My heart is broken”


The one thing I find hardest to come to terms with in relation to the Holocaust is the murder of the Children, in fact it is something I will never be able to comprehend. I know that some people will say The Nazis did not select children  because they were children, but because they wereContinue reading “Children”

A single rail track.

I took the picture above this morning at about 11:00 am . It is a rail track just around the corner of my home. When I looked at that rail track this morning several thoughts came to mind. Firstly I thought how the railways made such a big change in the lives of ordinary citizens.Continue reading “A single rail track.”

Werner Catel- deciding who lives.

One of the most disturbing aspects  of the Holocaust I find is the fact that so many who were instrumental in so many evil deeds, were allowed to continue after the war. In February or March 1939 a farmer called Richard Kretschmar requested Catel’s permission to euthanize one of his children, the child we nowContinue reading “Werner Catel- deciding who lives.”

All I feel now is pain

At first I felt joy because who could not be joyful seeing those 2 beautiful smiley faces. Then I am amazed because I see you two have the same birthday, April 4, 1932. This is followed by bewilderment because you appear to have different last names. Milan Herrmann and Dagmar Herrmannová. But after a bitContinue reading “All I feel now is pain”

Two 10 months old babies- 2 different futures.

This blog contains 2 pictures of 2 baby boys both aged 10 months. With these pictures I will be attempting to explain the Holocaust in a way that most anyone can understand it. Having that said no one will really ever understand how it was possible to massacre so many innocent lives on such anContinue reading “Two 10 months old babies- 2 different futures.”