The raid on Berck-sur-Mer

You have to give it to the Brits, they don’t give up. Regardless how dire the outlook they will come up with daring stuff to overcome their struggle. As it was the case in June 1941. They appear to be fighting the Germans on their own, Heavily outnumbered they had to come up with innovativeContinue reading “The raid on Berck-sur-Mer”

Typhoid Mary

How could a seemingly healthy woman spread a potentially deadly disease? Typhoid or Typhoid fever fever is a bacterial infection that can spread throughout the body, affecting many organs. Without prompt treatment, it can cause serious complications and can be fatal.If typhoid fever isn’t treated, it’s estimated that up to 1 in 5 people withContinue reading “Typhoid Mary”

9/11 : 2996 minus 19

9/11 they used to be just 2 numbers until that fateful day in 2001. Ever since then it has become ingrained in the human psyche as one of the days the world changed. Even now ,19 years later it is hard to fathom the events of that day. Even when it happened it was hardContinue reading “9/11 : 2996 minus 19”

How Curious George nearly didn’t make it.

I don’t think there is anyone on the planet who hasn’t heard of Curious George, you may not have read the books or watched the cartoons or movies, but you will recognize the iconic Chimpanzee when you see him. Although it is an iconic children’s book character and has a strong brand recognition, it couldContinue reading “How Curious George nearly didn’t make it.”

New York city, can be so pretty from a bird’s eye view.

The title is from the song “When I first kissed you” by Extreme. A song I used on my wedding day. A bit of a lie really because I never been in New York, but I hope to go there someday soon. It is a beautiful song though New York has captured the imagination ofContinue reading “New York city, can be so pretty from a bird’s eye view.”

When the Dutch gave New Netherland to the Brits

Although the Dutch and the Brits are good friends now, it was not always thus. There have been several Anglo-Dutch wars. The 3rd ,  Anglo-Dutch war ended this day in 1674 by the signing of the Westmnster Treaty of 1647. The English were dismayed by the unexpected fact that Dutch raiders managed to capture more EnglishContinue reading “When the Dutch gave New Netherland to the Brits”

The Case of the Treasonous Dolls

The facts of the case are odd. Five letters were written in early 1942 and mailed by seemingly different people in different U.S. locations to the same person at a Buenos Aires, Argentina, address. In early 1942, five letters were written and mailed by seemingly different people in different U.S. locations to the same personContinue reading “The Case of the Treasonous Dolls”

“I could be somebody”-The killing of John Lennon.

It is hard to believe that it has already been 39 years since John Lennon was killed. Mark David Chapman(pictured above with John Lennon , a few hours before he killed him)  shot Lennon dead on December 9, 1980 – in the door of his home in the Dakota building, overlooking Central Park in NewContinue reading ““I could be somebody”-The killing of John Lennon.”

Life in the Big Apple

New York city has such a rich history. Although I have never been there (but I will someday) I find it one of the most fascinating cities in the world. For me to write a whole essay on the city would do it injustice, therefore below some pictures of its rich history. A woman dressedContinue reading “Life in the Big Apple”

9/10 :the day before-The forgotten date.

September 10,2001. A day like any other, people go about their daily lives, A young mother brings her kid to school. A sister is visiting her brother, an IT manager is on the phone to a help desk in a call centre,discussing data and telephony issues. Not knowing that less then 24 hours later theirContinue reading “9/10 :the day before-The forgotten date.”