Otto Frank

On this day 40 years ago. Otto Frank passed away, aged 91. On may 15 1945 he wrote the following letter while on board the Monowai steamship. This was exactly 5 years after the Dutch had capitulated to the Germans. “The closer we get to home the greater our impatience to hear from our lovedContinue reading “Otto Frank”

Self Isolation

In many countries around the globe people are being advised to self isolate when they have or think they may have symptoms of the Covid 19 infection. The recommended period vary between 7 and 14 days. Many people say this has never happened before.However for many this was a reality due to the virus  createdContinue reading “Self Isolation”

The last single Journey: Westerbork-Auschwitz

One of the cruel jokes the Nazis played on their victims was giving them hope. Like a railway sign indicating a return journey that was never to be. Only empty trains returned ready to pick up more victims like lambs led to the slaughter. On September 3,1944 the last transport by train from Westerbork TransitContinue reading “The last single Journey: Westerbork-Auschwitz”

The lonely journey of Otto Frank on the Monowai steamship.

I am a father of 3 children and every time they leave the house a million scenarios go through my head of things that could happen to them, but I am not unique in this for it  is what fathers and mothers do, they worry for their kids. Otto Frank was a father and aContinue reading “The lonely journey of Otto Frank on the Monowai steamship.”