A.B.C- The Boys from Argentina

“Mengele and Eichman tour I was here last year due to my father’s Nazi hunt in the 50s, lovely small Restaurant, even met a man in his 90s who knew many Nazis. Even had dinner in the corner with him where Mengele and Eichman once sat. You wont find anything from the past inside likeContinue reading “A.B.C- The Boys from Argentina”

The farce that was the Nuremberg Trials

Today marks the 74th anniversary of the sentencing at the main Nuremberg trials.The sentencing took  two days, with the individual sentences read out on the afternoon of 1 October. The Nuremberg trials were never really meant to serve justice. In one way I can understand it but on the other hand looking at the sentencesContinue reading “The farce that was the Nuremberg Trials”

The 1943 German law that denies justice to be done.

In 1943 a law was passed in Germany which gave all foreign Waffen SS members the German nationality by default. This law still prevents extradition of WWII War criminals to be extradited to their native countries, because these men have the German nationality , and Germany does not extradite it’s own citizens. These are justContinue reading “The 1943 German law that denies justice to be done.”

Hitler’s Irish sister in law.

Bridget Dowling born on July 3, 1891 in Dublin. She grew up at Flemings Place, near Mespil Road.  She was still in her teens when she met Adolf Hitler’s half brother Alois Hitler, Jr. at the Dublin Horse Show in the RDS in 1909. Alois had pretended to be a wealthy hotelier who was touringContinue reading “Hitler’s Irish sister in law.”

The after war treatment of Dutch Jews.

First of all let me tell you I am Dutch and I am proud to be Dutch. I love the country where I was born and where I grew up. But I am not proud of some of its black pages in history. I can understand why some Dutch bureaucrats and civil servants colluded withContinue reading “The after war treatment of Dutch Jews.”

The effects of Operation Market Garden are still being felt today.

Operation Market Garden started on September 17 1944. It was supposed to end the war in the Netherlands.But the operation failed, as a result the war was prolonged for several months,compounded with one of the severest winters on record it resulted in a famine for the northern provinces. But there was more,as a form ofContinue reading “The effects of Operation Market Garden are still being felt today.”

The day that evil and arrogance was hung.

On May 31st 1962 Adolf Eichmann was executed for his crimes by hanging. I have read a lot about Eichmann and have seen a lot of documentaries. He was a particularly evil man, he never showed any remorse for all the crimes he committed or ordered to be carried out. Throughout his trial he remainedContinue reading “The day that evil and arrogance was hung.”

Your job in Germany and Our Job in Japan.

Cat in the hat;How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and It’s a Wonderful Life are not stories you would associate with WWII or propaganda, and yet they have a distinct ,albeit indirect link to WWII propaganda movies. The name Theodor Seuss Geisel will mean little to many people,although there is a hint in his name which givesContinue reading “Your job in Germany and Our Job in Japan.”

Nazi War criminals in Ireland

Before I start I have to say I love Ireland and I love living here, but like most nations in the world Ireland too has some black pages in its history. Although Ireland was supposed to be neutral, at times it took that neutrality too far, Sending condolences to Germany after Hitler died was aContinue reading “Nazi War criminals in Ireland”

Flight 19-The Lost squadron

The Bermuda Triangle’s reputation as a boat and plane-devouring chasm was first sealed in December 1945, when a group of five U.S. Navy Avenger torpedo bombers known as “Flight 19” vanished in the Atlantic off the coast of Florida. No sign of the Avengers was ever found, and a Navy seaplane sent to rescue themContinue reading “Flight 19-The Lost squadron”