Freud’s sisters.


When you think of psychiatry one of the names you think of first is Sigmund Freud. A controversial but a successful Austrian Jewish neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis, who created an entirely new approach to the understanding of the human personality.

Although his work will have saved many from mental health issues, he was not able to save some of his own family. Some of them were plagued by mental health.

Sigmund Freud died on September 23,1939 he had been able to escape the claws of the Nazi regime, 4 of his sisters were not so lucky.

Regina Debora aka Rosa

Rosa had  married a lawyer, Heinrich Graf . They had one  son, Hermann  who was killed in the First World War; their only daughter, Cacilie , committed suicide in 1922 after an unhappy love affair. Rosa was killed in Treblinka in 1943.

Marie aka Mitzi

Mitzi married her cousin Moritz Freud . They had three daughters: Margarethe (, Lily , Martha and one son, Theodor  who died in a drowning accident. Martha, took er own life after her husband committed suicide.Mitzi was killed in Treblinka in 1942

Esther Adolfine  aka Dolfi

Dolfi never married  and stayed in the family home to care for her parents. She died in Theresienstadt concentration camp in 1943.

Pauline Regine aka Pauli

Pauli married Valentine Winternitz  and emigrated to the United States where their daughter Rose Beatrice (1896–1969) was born. After the death of her husband she and her daughter returned to Europe. Pauli was killed in Treblinka in 1942


Anna was the only sister who survived the Holocaust


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