That time Jabba the Hut was Jabba the Human.


We all know Jabba the Hut the big blob in Star Wars, he basically was a Mafia Godfather. However originally Jabba the Hut wasn’t an alien but a man from Belfast, well at least actor from Belfast.

Declan Mulholland was born on December 6, 1932 in Belfast, Northern Ireland as Thomas Declan Mulholland. He is known for his work on Time Bandits (1981), The Land That Time Forgot (1974) and The Onedin Line (1971).


In Mulholland’s scenes as Jabba, Jabba is represented as a rotund Human dressed in a shaggy fur coat. George Lucas has stated his intention was to use an alien creature for Jabba, but the special effects technology of the time was not up to the task of replacing Mulholland. The scene was to have a “stop-motion” character overlay him, but budget constraints forced George Lucas to cut the scene altogether, that is until recently. As part of the re-release of the Star Wars Trilogy, this scene has been re-inserted into the film. However, you won’t be able to see Declan, since Lucasfilm now had the funds to complete the production, inserting a Return Of The Jedi style Jabba The Hutt, over his character, once again.


A very brief clip of the “Han meets Jabba” scene from “Star Wars” as originally shot, with Mulholland as Jabba, was shown in the TV special, “From ‘Star Wars’ to ‘Jedi’: The Making of a Saga” in 1983, around the time of the original release of “Return of the Jedi”




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