Secret Language of the Blues: What the Lyrics Really Mean.

Many of my friends know that I have a passion for music. And you can’t have a passion for music if you don’t love the Blues. I interviewed Author and Blues aficionado ,Bob Cremer, about his book “Secret Language of the Blues: What the Lyrics Really Mean.”

Don’t just listen to blues lyrics, understand them!

No standard dictionary can help fans understand the hidden meaning of blues lyrics, but The Secret Language of the Blues lives up to its promise to do just that-to explain what the lyrics really mean. A comprehensive Blues Index of Words & Expressions containing over 1,600 entries provides indispensable help in deciphering this fascinating secret language and unlocking the mystery of allusion lurking behind such apparently innocent words as tea, frying pan and even Santa Claus!

Imagine the immense enjoyment of knowing the answers to such puzzling questions as:

  • Why a woman cooks cornbread for her husband but biscuits for her man?
  • Why a hobo rides the rails but avoids riding the rods at all costs?
  • Why a musician is heart-broken when a skin card falls but is elated when his dice do?
  • Why a man complains about too much eatin’ in the kitchen but a woman doesn’t?
  • Why a musician fears nothing more than receiving a “304” or “11-29”?
  • Why exactly a man wakes up cold in hand?
  • Why musicians want to slip someone in the Dozens?

But the book is much more than just a dictionary. Twelve information-packed chapters will help native- and non-native speakers of English alike to “speak the blues” in record time through extensive explanations of unique grammatical forms and the colloquial speech of the musicians who sing the blues. The Secret Language of the Blues is the perfect companion for blues fans worldwide. Double your listening pleasure by understanding the true meaning of the lyrics-the very soul of the blues! As blues musicians say, “It’s just dry long so”