Hedwig Klement


Hedwig Klement  just a random name on random suitcase. But this random suitcase is not just any suitcase.

It tells the story of a woman forcefully uprooted from her home in Prague. All she could take with her was this suitcase.

That suitcase is all that remains of her because she was killed in Auschwitz. Reduced to some kind of serial number ,1311, and her birth date October 8,1898. She was 46 when she was murdered.

Hedwig Klement, just a random name of a random person.Also known as Hedvika Klemperer.

But Hedwig was not a random person

She was the Daughter of Wilhelm Wolf Klemperer and Eleonora Laura Klemperer.

The Sister of  Egon Klemperer; Franziska Klement and Leo Klemperer.

Wife of Egon Cohen Klement

Mother of Tomáš Klement

I could post a picture of Hedwig or write bio’s of each of her family members. But I will not do that, I am giving you all that task to find a picture of Hedwig and find information on her family. Because if we all truly start looking into the personal lives of those who were killed we can only start getting a slight bit of notion and what we have lost. Only then we can truly say Never Again or Never Forget of we do not actively research and just read stories that are dished out to us, we will remember only a short time.

It is the responsibility of all of us never ever to allow names to be written on suitcases again.