Emmi G.

This is a picture of Emmi G,a victim of the T4  euthanasia program. Killed because she was ‘different’. What makes her story even sadder is the fact that we don’t even know her full name. All we know is that she was 16 when she was killed with an overdose of tranquilizers on December 7,Continue reading “Emmi G.”

Three shots! Three lives lost! All I can hear are shots, shots.

“Three shots! Three lives lost! All I can hear are shots, shots.” This line is the final entry of Renia Spiegel’s diary. It is the final entry but it was not written by her but by her boyfriend. Renia had left her diary with her boyfriend ,Zygmunt Schwarzer,  for safekeeping. You see Renia could notContinue reading “Three shots! Three lives lost! All I can hear are shots, shots.”

Rachel de Groot- A teenage girl, murdered.

I wish I could write about how Rachel de Groot survived the war and grew up to fulfill her potential, But I can’t, in fact I can’t even say that much about her. Not because there is not much known about her, because there is. The reason why I can’t say too much about RachelContinue reading “Rachel de Groot- A teenage girl, murdered.”

Anne Frank- Just a teenage girl.

When you look up in formation on Anne Frank, the first thing you will see is that she is described as a German born or Dutch Diarist as if she was a well established author or Journalist, but she wasn’t. She was just a teenage girl who happened to write a diary, like so manyContinue reading “Anne Frank- Just a teenage girl.”

Jeremy spoke in class today.

The title of this blog is a line from the Pearl Jam song “Jeremy” it is one of my favourite Rock tracks and by far the best track of the album “Ten”. Although I have listened to the song hundreds of times I never really paid to much attention to the history of the song.Continue reading “Jeremy spoke in class today.”

I don’t want to die because I have hardly lived

This is going to be a short blog for it is impossible for me to do an in depth story without turning into an emotional wreck. Eva Heyman was a 13 year old Hungarian Jewish girl. I have a daughter the same age, with the same beautiful smile. Eva had one simple wish ,which sheContinue reading “I don’t want to die because I have hardly lived”

Rutka Laskier’s teenage account of the Holocaust.

Rutka was 14 years old when she was murdered in the gas chambers at Auschwitz. In the months before her death, Rutka, like Anne Frank in Amsterdam, kept a detailed diary documenting her deepest thoughts and fears. When she and her family – younger brother Henius, mother Dorka and father Yaakov ,were moved by theContinue reading “Rutka Laskier’s teenage account of the Holocaust.”

Seisaku Nakamura-Japanese Serial Killer

Serial killers are not just a western phenomenon. There are and there have been serial killer all over the globe. However the story of  Seisaku Nakamura is an even more disturbing one, the reason being is that he killed his first victims when he was aged 14. Seisaku Nakamura (1924 – 1943) is also known as HamamatsuContinue reading “Seisaku Nakamura-Japanese Serial Killer”