Star Wars -Black Angel.

For all of you die hard Star Wars fans who think that you have seen all movies in the Star Wars universe, more then likely you have not.

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, in fact this galaxy.

The 1980 short film was created to accompany The Empire Strikes Back in theaters. It was the directorial debut of Star Wars‘ pioneering set decorator Roger Christian and a special request by the big man himself, George Lucas. After it screened in cinemas, it suddenly vanished.

A popular Lucas-approved short that was in some markets aired in theaters as a companion piece to Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back in 1980.

The plot

“Sir Maddox, a knight returning from the Crusades, finds his village and keep destroyed by unknown attackers. Most of the inhabitants are dead, including his family, and the few that did survive have become infected with a disease, possibly the plague. Having left nothing to live for, Sir Maddox decides to track the attackers down and avenge his family and village. In the nearby forest, he stops by a lake, but accidentally falls into it and almost drowns due to the weight of his armor. However, a mysterious beautiful maiden in white appears to him and he is somehow saved. Thankful beyond words, he asks who she is and learns that she’s a prisoner of Black Angel, a mysterious eerie knight in black armor. Sir Maddox immediately vows to free her, but she, saddened, implores him to stay away from the evil knight. His word being his bond, Sir Maddox tracks the ominous Black Angel down anyway with the suspicious help of a strange shady snickering peasant and learns firsthand why the creature is so feared.”

The film was shot at Eilean Donan in Scotland[2] in autumn 1979. The budget of £25,000 was given to Roger Christian by an Eady Scheme fund from the British government.

George Lucas tied the film as a programme with The Empire Strikes Back in the United Kingdom, Australia and Scandinavia. It was never released on any home media, such as VHS and DVD, and for many years the original negatives were believed to be lost.

In December 2011, the 35 mm negative was rediscovered by an archivist at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California.[1][5][6] On 13 October 2013, it was screened for the first time since its original release, and became available on Netflix and the iTunes Store for streaming and download, respectively, in early 2014.. On 12 May 2015, the film was uploaded to YouTube with an introduction by Christian.

Aside from being physically tied to Empire Strikes Back, Christian used rolls of film left over from Empire to shoot Black Angel,the short film has other similarities to Star Wars, the director says.

Star Wars is supposedly set somewhere in Arthurian times and the crusades. Dark Angel ties in with that.



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