The lesser known David Bowie songs

Who doesn’t know David Bowie? I don’t think there is anyone on the planet who hasn’t heard of David Bowie. Even the younger generations know his music.

However there are very few who know about David Bowie’s earliest works. Some might think that ‘Space Oddity may have been his first venture in to the world of popular music , or maybe that his carnation as Ziggy Stardust was his first musical outing. But David Bowie was active in music since he was 15, although at the beginning he used his own name of David Jones or sometimes Davy Jones. In fact his first single was with the band the King Bees or to be precise ‘Davy Jones and the King Bees’ the single was called ‘Liza Jane’

The fact there was already another Davy Jones who was the lead singer with the Monkees, to avoid confusion young David Jones took on the stage name David Bowie after the 19th-century American pioneer James Bowie and the knife he had popularised.

He then joined a band called “The lower Third” they did do some covers but also had original songs, written and composed by David Bowie.

The band were invited to play a session at the BBC, but the sessions were never broadcast. The producers the songs weren’t great and that the singer was at best mediocre. This probably is one of the biggest musical mistakes ever made by the BBC.

Not happy with how the things were going David Bowie decided to go solo and produced one of the most bizarre songs ever called ‘The laughing Gnome’

Thank God he soon changed direction again with “Space Oddity” . The rest is as the say history.

The laughing Gnome-Happy Birthday David Bowie.


January 8, 1947 probably has not much of a historical significance,however it is the day which saw the birth of a truly musical genius,David Robert Jones, aka David Bowie.

But in order to   become this musical icon he had to make a few odd detours. Before Space Oddity,Ziggy Strdust,Life on Mars, Let’s dance, etc, he had to learn his craft by performing as a 15 year old in a band with the name ” the Konrads”.

It was 2 years later though with another band named “the King Bees” David Bowie’s talents were first captured on a record with a song titled “Liza Jane”.

However this song did not become a hit,also the fact it was credited as  Davie Jones with the King-Bees didn’t help, because in 1964 another Davy Jones was already a well established name as the singer of the Monkees.

In order David Robert Jones changed his name  after the 19th-century American pioneer James Bowie and the knife he had popularized.

With the legend of  David Bowie was born. Well kind of, there was just one more literally small obstacle to overcome before reaching the stellar heights the David Bowie reached. The obstacle was called “the Laughing Gnome” although I love David Bowie’s music a lot that song released as a novelty single on Deram Records in 1967 was awful and an assault to the ears. But hey, all is forgiven for David Bowie did become one of THE musical icons of the 20th century.


Happy Birthday David


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