A descendant of Prophet Mohammed who saved Jews.


What happens if you set aside different religious believes and ideologies and when you look at only the humanity? Hate and indifference disappears and respect for each other prevails. This is something which was true during the darkest time in history and is still true today.

Prior to the outbreak of WWII Si Ali Sakkat had been a government minister in Tunisia and had also been the mayor of the capital Tunis. Si Ali Sakkat, was a Tunisian nobleman and the heir to an ancient liberal family and a  descendant of Prophet Mohammed.

By 1940 he was enjoying retirement on his farm at the base of Jebel Zaghouan.


Nearby his farm  was a Vichy and Nazi forced labor camp for  Jews . The Jewish slave laborers  were put to work repairing an airfield, which was regularly  the target of allied bombing raids.


The local Tunisian population  witnessed how the Nazis who ran the camp beat Jews on a regular basis.

During one of those allied bombing, around 60 Jews managed to escape the camp and sought refugee at Sakkat’s farm. He hid them and cared for them until Tunisia was liberated by the allied forces. If the Nazis would have found out he would have more then likely be sentenced to death.


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