Karl Rauscher’s journey.

Karl Rauscher was a member of part of the Luftwaffe. Specifically of the so-called Werftabteilung; charged with repair and scrapping of downed aircraft.

During the war years he was stationed in a large number of European countries. He made a photographic report of his long journey; a special collection of photos of up to 1500 images.

Rauscher photographed the work of his unit, but also took pictures in his spare time. Below are just some of his photographs. It gives an interesting glimpse of the war from a different angle.

War Campaign Greece. Kozani-Larissa

War Campaign Greece. Kozani-Larissa.

Rauscher visits skating competitions in Klagenfurt, Austria

Klagenfurt international ice skating competition.

Klagenfurt international ice skating competition.

Athens-Akropolis Greece August 1941.

In 1940, Rauscher’s division was stationed for a few months at the Fliegerhorst Schellingwoude, Amsterdam. Rauscher and some members of his division are visiting the city of Amsterdam. Koningsplein towards the Spui.

The Luftwaffe division travels through Romania, and then leaves for Germany by train.

A cinema in Bucharest, Romania.

Retreat from Serbia, December 1944



Gallup poll April 28 1941-Asking the same question, getting 2 different outcomes.

Map_28_April_1941_worldwartwo.filminspector.com_1 (1)

Opinions polls are a useful toll to check the sentiments in the country, an indication of what people think.

In the recent past some polls got it spectacularly wrong. But the key to a good opinion poll is how the question is worded.

On April 28 1941 Gallup released the results of a poll,which they had conducted between 10 and 15 April 1941, on the war in Europe.They asked 2 questions, but if you dissect the questions you can conclude it actually is the same question but just worded slightly different. The question really is “Would you vote for the US to go to war?”

By rearranging some words and adding a few, the outcomes were completely different.


Interviewing Date 4/10-15/41

Survey #234-K Question #8a

If you were asked to vote today on the question of the United States entering the war against Germany and Italy, how would you vote — to go into the war, or to stay out of the war?

Go in………………………… 19%

Stay out………………………. 81

Interviewing Date 4/10-15/41

Survey #234-K Question #8b

If it appeared certain that there was no other way to defeat Germany and Italy except for the United States to go to war against them, would you be in favor of the United States going to war?

Yes………………………….. 68%

No………………………….. 24

No opinion……………………. 8.

How you ask a question really can make a difference.



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