A Poem for Vicky

They tried to silence you, they failed
They put obstacles in your way, they didn’t stop you.
You knew your strength, they didn’t .

There is no stronger force than that of a mother ensuring her children’s future.They failed to understand that.
They failed to tell you that you were sick, but you found out.

Rather than helping you they tried to make your life difficult, A life that you didn’t really have.
With anger did I watch them denying you your right to dignity. But that didn’t stop you.
Hero is a word often used, over used even, It is not a word that applies to you, because you are so much more than that, an appropriate word has not been created yet.

Throughout the pain you smiled.
Throughout the illness you kept hope.
You were not just a woman, you were the manifestation of all those women who were misdiagnosed.
Your death was inevitable, yet it was a shock.

Your body will now slowly decay and become dust but your spirit remains alive.
Rest in Peace Vicky Phelan

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  1. historiebuff says:

    A true hero. 


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