Christmas During WWII

These are just a few impressions of Christmas during World War II.

The above is a Christmas party in a German hospital (Lazarett) on 20 December 1941. Sisters of the Red Cross wanted to surprise the wounded German soldiers on Christmas Eve and diligently practice their Christmas Carol.

Dutch soldiers during the mobilization celebrated Christmas 1939. By the Christmas tree in the canteen of the army barracks.

Santa Göbbels distributing Christmas gifts to the children at the Friedrichshain Hall.

A watercolour painting of a woman and a girl on a bed leaning against a bed roll. Both are depicted from the front. In front of her are two other women, depicted from behind. There is a glass for everyone. Between them are a pan, a kettle, and a candle in a holder. At the bottom the text: ‘Christmas, Tangerang with a portion of snails and the ‘miracle’…a candle’. Tangerang was a prisoner of war camp in the Dutch East Indies, current Indonesia.

The first lucky men to have their rotation leave timed for Christmas have arrived in England from the Netherlands. Among the group are, left to right: L/Cpl. C.O. Leslie of Toronto; Pte. G. Cameron of Montréal; Sgt. R.A. Magnan of Montréal; C.G. Russell, Toronto.

Franco at the Celebration of Ait-el Kabir.
In the Moorish quarter of the Military House of Generalissimo Franco, the Mohammedan Christmas was celebrated in presence of the wife and daughter of the chief of the State, the Chief of his military house.

British troops celebrate Christmas in the jungles of Burma, 1942.



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