Left without a Father

The US armed service often get bad press and maybe sometimes that’s warranted. but what is often forgotten nowadays and especially in Europe, we owe these brave men and women a great deal. As a Dutch man I am so aware of the liberty that was bestowed upon me by the sacrifice of so manyContinue reading “Left without a Father”

Richard Ira Bong- WWII Hero

I could do a very lengthy blog about Richard Ira Bong but I decided to stay with the facts that really matter. For everything else I urge you to look up his name, so much has already written about him. Today would have been his 99th birthday. He is credited with shooting down 40 enemyContinue reading “Richard Ira Bong- WWII Hero”

Diet Eman- WWII Hero.

Only the good die young, all the evil seem to live forever is a line from an Iron Maiden song, and there have been times where I thought this to be true, because I saw so many evil people living a long and prosperous lives. But thankfully ever now and then that theory is provenContinue reading “Diet Eman- WWII Hero.”

Tina Strobos-Forgotten Hero

I had not heard of Tina Strobos before although I have read so much about WWII and the Holocaust, but for some reason her name escaped me. She was born Tineke Buchter. She was a  was a Dutch physician and psychiatrist from Amsterdam and during WWII she was involved in the Dutch resistance.Together with herContinue reading “Tina Strobos-Forgotten Hero”

Desperation and Survival

I have often wondered how the Sonderkommandos coped with their  work. Sonderkommandos were  forced labour units made up of  Nazi death camp prisoners. usually Jews.They were forced to help with the disposal of gas chamber victims among other duties. Sometimes even removing family members. It is not like they had a choice, it was either workContinue reading “Desperation and Survival”

The Fighting Girlfriend

Your husband goes off to war and gets killed in battle. What do you do? Well like any other wife you would sell all your belongings and with the money earned from that sale, you go an acquire a tank, to take revenge. It sounds like a great plot for a revenge movie directed byContinue reading “The Fighting Girlfriend”

Charles Jesse Uplinger- Just a random name.

Charles Jesse Uplinger- Just a random name. But he wasn’t just a random man. He was a son, a husband, a brother and a friend and above all a Hero. Born  on 9 April 1917, Sherburn, Martin County, Minnesota I never met him but yet unbeknownst to him he had an impact on my life,Continue reading “Charles Jesse Uplinger- Just a random name.”

“It is not you who are in charge. God will judge you” the bravery of Fr.Józef Cebula.

The word ‘Hero’ is branded way too easily nowadays, Recently I heard someone on a current affairs program saying he saw the Kardashians as his role models and heroes, that actually scared me. If people whose only contribution to society is self indulgence and self promotion are seen as heroes, then real heroes like Father JózefContinue reading ““It is not you who are in charge. God will judge you” the bravery of Fr.Józef Cebula.”

Walter C. Wetzel-Fallen Hero

Dear Sir, you don’t know it but I owe you so much,possibly my life. Often have I visited the cemetery where your final resting place is. I may have even stood at your grave, contemplating why you and your band of brothers that surround you,sacrificed their lives in a land that was not theirs. ItContinue reading “Walter C. Wetzel-Fallen Hero”

Sometimes the good guys live a long life-Johan van Hulst WWII Hero.

Only the good die young all the evil seem to live forever are lyrics from an Iron Maiden song. For many years I thought this to be true for I saw so many evil men living a long life, however luckily I was wrong in that assumption. Sometimes good men do live a long life,Continue reading “Sometimes the good guys live a long life-Johan van Hulst WWII Hero.”