Risking life to save lives. The brave Dutch who saved Jewish children.

There is a lot of rightful criticism about how the Dutch dealt with the Jews during WWII. A lot more could have been done, there is no question about that. But, it is easy to say these things in retrospect. If you are faced getting killed for a simple act of defiance , you mightContinue reading “Risking life to save lives. The brave Dutch who saved Jewish children.”

Frederik Goldsteen- Holocaust Victim , whose shop I often visited.

I remember as a kid , my neighbor and I made our own bows and arrows, We used it to target practice on a spare door we had in the storage rooms in the basement of our apartment block. We bought the materials for these ‘weapons’  in a shop in the center of our town,Geleen,Continue reading “Frederik Goldsteen- Holocaust Victim , whose shop I often visited.”

The Jetten Family-Risking their lives to safe others.

It is a question I often ask myself “Would I do it, would I risk my life and the life of my Family to safe others? ” Honestly I don’t know. Risking my own life is one thing, but risking the lives of my Family is a different ballgame all together. And yet that isContinue reading “The Jetten Family-Risking their lives to safe others.”

Entertaining the Troops.

After months of fighting fierce battles this must have been the most adorable way ever how the US troops were entertained. Dutch children entertain U.S. soldiers. U.S. soldiers taken for a morning walk through the grounds of moated Hoensbroek Castle in Holland some of the 145 young Dutch children living there under the care ofContinue reading “Entertaining the Troops.”

Staatsmijn Maurits-Dutch State Coalmine

I can never understand people who are ashamed or embarrassed of where they are from or where they were born. You should always be proud of your roots. Even if you live somewhere else you should never lose your pride of your birth place. It is perfectly possible to be proud of the place youContinue reading “Staatsmijn Maurits-Dutch State Coalmine”

The Fall of Lange Jan

Lange Jan(Long John) was the name of the 135 meter(442ft) tall chimney of the former coal mine “Oranje Nassau 1” in Heerlen in  the province of Limburg in the south east of the Netherlands. It had been erected in 1937/1938 and had been dominating Heerlen’s skyline. To put it in perspective the Big Ben towerContinue reading “The Fall of Lange Jan”

Operation Blackcock-The battle of the Roer Triangle

Operation Blackcock was a World War II military operation carried out by the 7th Armoured Division, the 43rd Wessex Division, and the 52nd Lowland Division, from the British 2nd Army, to clear the Roer Triangle formed by the towns of Roermond, Sittard and Heinsberg, near the Roer River, on the border between the Netherlands  and Germany, from JanuaryContinue reading “Operation Blackcock-The battle of the Roer Triangle”

The Venlo Incident

I always considered myself to be a bit of WWII buff, but it was only until I started this website I realized how little I actually knew about World War 2.This case is a good example. Venlo is a town in the province of Limburg in the Netherlands, in the south east of the country.BorderingContinue reading “The Venlo Incident”