Art from a Limerick Artist.

Wild swans at Castle Oaks’ Oil on canvas. Scenes from Ireland. By Louise Harrison.   Sources      

Richard Hayes AKA Captain Gray-Ireland’s WWII code breaker.

Although Ireland was neutral during WWII it didn’t stay completely out of the war.There were even some famous Irish war heroes like the Beamish brothers from Cork who became RAF flying aces. On the other hand there were less conspicuous heroes, unlikely heroes even like Limerick man Richard Hayes. He was born in Abbeyfeale, Co.Continue reading “Richard Hayes AKA Captain Gray-Ireland’s WWII code breaker.”

The long walk of Liam McCarthy

It was such a glorious day for us that 2nd September 1973 in Dublin, although it rained the sun shone in our hearts, because you were ours. Your previous master ‘the Cats of Kilkenny’ looked not after you well, so we fought them and after beating them by 7 points we took you home toContinue reading “The long walk of Liam McCarthy”

Irish Coffee- A WWII Drink

Who doesn’t know that warm beverage called Irish Coffee? Often mistakenly credited to the Hollywood actress Maureen O’Hara as having invented it. However the only connection Maureen has with it is her is O’Hara’s husband, Captain Charlie Blair, who was one of the pilots who used to fly the sea planes into Foynes, and flewContinue reading “Irish Coffee- A WWII Drink”

Johnny Cash ,Kris Kristofferson and Eric Clapton in Limerick

If Elvis is the King of Rock N Roll then Johnny Cash is the King pf Country and Western music, and Eric Clapton must be the King of the Blues. But only 2 of those Kings ever visited Limerick. Johnny Cash gave at least 2 concerts in Limerick. The first one on October 17, 1963,Continue reading “Johnny Cash ,Kris Kristofferson and Eric Clapton in Limerick”

Linger -RIP Dolores

A swan flies over the Shannon while a Limerick Rose fades A tormented but beautiful soul I remember seeing you for the first time, no it was not in concert but in a shopping mall You looked so fragile next to the man who towered over you,your husband. Small and fragile but yet so tallContinue reading “Linger -RIP Dolores”

Christmas in Limerick-a poem

My shoes are touching the promenade on “Poor Man’s Kilkee” Rain is falling on my head and drops are slowly reaching my face. A man in a coffee shop is putting up a Christmas tree. Undisturbed the Shannon flows, in so much splendor and grace. The town with its magical and festive lights makes meContinue reading “Christmas in Limerick-a poem”

Jane Austen & Limerick,Ireland.

I never got the whole Jane Austen hype. I find her stories boring and there is nothing I can identify with. However the fact that there is a Limerick connection to her I do find intriguing. And I believe if she had lived in Limerick her stories may have been a lot more exiting, butContinue reading “Jane Austen & Limerick,Ireland.”

Limerick,Dublin,Galway,California and a Prince from Montenegro.

No this is not a fairy tale. It is something you could refer to as ‘History at your doorstep’It is a local bit of history with touches two sides of the Atlantic ocean and ancient mainland Europe. Milo Petrović-Njegoš ( 1889–1978) was a prince of Montenegro. He was a direct descendant of Radul Petrović, brother of Prince-Bishopric DaniloContinue reading “Limerick,Dublin,Galway,California and a Prince from Montenegro.”

Famous bands that changed their names.

Starting off with probably the best known band from the low countries”Golden Earring”. Their name change was very subtle, they were formed in 1961 as the “Golden Earrings” they dropped the S in 1969. The next name change is a bit less subtle but still subtle enough “the Cranberries” started off as “the Cranberry SawContinue reading “Famous bands that changed their names.”