Medical Heroes

The one group that often gets overseen in WWII stories are the medics. There are some books and movies about them, but if you put in the bigger scheme of WWII things it is a small percentage. Yet they are the ones who would run into the battlefield, sometimes unarmed, to pick up the wounded.Continue reading “Medical Heroes”

Forgotten WWII Heroes- The Nurses

This is a blog honoring the WWII heroes who had to deal with the aftermath of battles. After the dust temporarily settled the Nurses were confronted with the horrors of war. Aside from tending to the wounds and pain they were also the ones who comforted the injured troops, often they knew there was noContinue reading “Forgotten WWII Heroes- The Nurses”

Medical Troops in WWII

We often hear the stories of the special forces during WWII and without a shadow of a doubt they were all heroes. However the heroes that are often forgotten are those of the Medical Corps, while being shot at they ran into the battlefield to attend the wounded. The red cross often functioned as aContinue reading “Medical Troops in WWII”