Miyuki Ishikawa-the Demon midwife

On January 12, 1948, two police officers from the Waseda precinct in Tokyo accidentally came upon the remains of five infants. While that shocking find was clearly suspect, it was affirmed by an autopsy that showed the infants’ deaths were not natural. An investigation led to the arrest of one Miyuki Ishikawa, two conspirators, andContinue reading “Miyuki Ishikawa-the Demon midwife”

Forgotten History-Auschwitz’s Midwife

When I first starting compiling these Forgotten WWII stories, I reckoned I would be able to do 20-25 max, since so much was already written about the era. But how wrong I was! Every time I do one story another one pops up. As in this case I was actually doing research on the realContinue reading “Forgotten History-Auschwitz’s Midwife”