Nazi plunder and thievery

Besides the murders and genocide committed by the Nazi’s ,they didn’t shy away from stealing and plundering either. The plundering and stealing refers to art theft and other items stolen as a result of the organized looting of European countries during the time of the Third Reich by agents acting on behalf of the rulingContinue reading “Nazi plunder and thievery”

Aktion Erntefest-The Murder of 43,000 Jews

Today marks the 76th anniversary of Aktion Erntefest.(German: for Operation Harvest Festival) a mass shooting action by the SS conducted at the Majdanek concentration camp and its subcamps, its purpose was to liquidate the remaining Polish Jews in the Lublin reservation and the Lublin Ghetto, including its entire slave-labour camp workforce. The operation took place on 3Continue reading “Aktion Erntefest-The Murder of 43,000 Jews”

The strange case of Douglas Kelley, Nuremberg Trials Psychiatrist

Lt. Colonel Douglas McGlashan Kelley (11 August 1912 – January 1, 1958) was a United States Army Military Intelligence Corps officer who served as chief psychiatrist at Nuremberg Prison during the Nuremberg War Trials. He was charged with ascertaining defendants’ competency evaluations before standing trial. Kelley was born in Truckee, California. He graduated from University ofContinue reading “The strange case of Douglas Kelley, Nuremberg Trials Psychiatrist”

Kaufering IV Concentration camp-Dachau Subcamp

Dachau concentration camp was the first of the Nazi concentration camps opened in Germany,intended to hold political prisoners. It is located on the grounds of an abandoned munitions factory northeast of the medieval town of Dachau, about 16 km (10 mi) northwest of Munich in the state of Bavaria, in southern Germany.Opened in 1933 by Heinrich Himmler, its purposeContinue reading “Kaufering IV Concentration camp-Dachau Subcamp”

Hate is Mankind’s worst disease

Hate is mankind’s worst disease and it seems to be incurable. I am only limiting this to the 1933-1945 era but I could easily have dozens of pages of pictures of all era’s  going up to today. Nazis singing to encourage a boycott of Jewish shops , 1933 A German woman facing public humiliation becauseContinue reading “Hate is Mankind’s worst disease”

August Frank memorandum

  Today marks the 76th anniversary of the August Frank memorandum. The August Frank memorandum of 26 September 1942 was a directive from SS Lieutenant General August Frank of the SS concentration camp administration department (SS-WVHA). The memorandum provides a measure of the detailed planning that Frank and other Nazis put into the carrying out ofContinue reading “August Frank memorandum”