Dallas Shootings

I am deviating from my usual blogs and I always try to stay out of the Political arena, but I felt compelled to voice my observation and that is all they are , my observations.

It is truly awful what happened in Dallas but also what happened in Baton Rouge and Minnesota.

Why did this happen, why are Police officers shooting innocent black men?

The easy answer would “It’s because they are racists” and no doubt, there are some racists cops but any grouping will have racists elements in its midst, because it usually is a reflection of society as a whole. Of course I am excluding the groups who base their existence on racism, but in general any group or organisation will be a scaled reflection of society.

However these shootings are not fueled by racism but by paranoia. Paranoia which has been created by liberal PC lobby groups.

If a Police officer stops anyone, all they have to do is play the race or ethnic minority card, even when they have committed a crime there is a good chance they will get away with it, but this is not a black or white thing. It is a black.white,lgbt,traveller thing. All because we can no longer call people for what they are.

I do not envy any law enforcement officer in any part of the world because this is a global thing. The only thing we can turn this around is by acknowledging that with human rights also come human responsibilities and accountability.

Going back to the shootings,lets not forget that some leaders of the African- American community encourage and endorse the shooting of law enforcement officers. Below are some examples, and before you say it “these are songs” they are not just songs. Every song is an opinion and a message from the artist. In fact that’s why in many countries you don’t need any license to sell music albums/singles or books because they are not seen as products but opinions. I am not saying this is the only reason cops get killed but it doesn’t help.

Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyFuck the police, fuck the police, fuck ’em!!!
Fuck the police, fuck the police, fuck ’em!!!
Fuck the police, fuck the police, fuck ’em!!!
Fuck the police!!!
(You muthafuckin’ right)


Eeney meeney miney mo
Catch a piggy by the toe
Click clack pow, officer down



This pig he is the chief,
Got a brother pig, Captain O’Malley.
He’s got a son that’a a pig too,
He’s collectin’ pay-offs from a dark alley.



Cop Killer (Single Bootleg)

I’m a cop killer, better you than me
Cop killer, fuck police brutality!
Cop killer, I know your family’s grieving
(Fuck ’em!)
Cop killer, but tonight we get even, ha ha




The last example is a song called “99 problems” by Jay z,  the second verse was about a time he was pulled over by a cop while he was in possession of cocaine. The verse is really stating how he got away with it.


“The year is ’94 and in my trunk is raw
In my rear view mirror is the mother fucking law
I got two choices yall pull over the car or
bounce on the double put the pedal to the floor
Now I ain’t trying to see no highway chase with jake
Plus I got a few dollars I can fight the case
So I…pull over to the side of the road
And I heard “Son do you know why I’m stopping you for?”
Cause I’m young and I’m black and my hat’s real low
Do I look like a mind reader sir, I don’t know
Am I under arrest or should I guess some mo?
“Well you was doing fifty five in a fifty four”
“License and registration and step out of the car”
“Are you carrying a weapon on you I know a lot of you are”
I ain’t stepping out of shit all my papers legit
“Do you mind if I look round the car a little bit?”
Well my glove compartment is locked so is the trunk and the back
And I know my rights so you gon’ need a warrant for that
“Aren’t you sharp as a tack are some type of lawyer or something?”
“Or somebody important or something?”
Nah I ain’t passed the bar but I know a little bit
Enough that you won’t illegally search my shit
“Well see how smart you are when the K-9’s come”
I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one
Hit me”

It is not only black artists who sing about killing or harming cops there are plenty of white ones to, but even the majority of those white artists are from the Hip Hop scene, which is part of Mobo and is more popular with black kids then white kids.

Combine a liberal(no responsibility required) agenda, with a PC lobby fueled by incitement of hate and ridicule old traditions and values and you have the perfect cocktail for disaster.

Racism is not black or white it is universal.

People have been allowed to disrespect cultural values for decades now, and those who scream “I am a victim ” the hardest are being heard and believed the most often without any real basis or facts to back it up.

Racism is created when people are perceiving something to be unjust and it is not addressed properly by the state by either change that perception or deal with it in a just way, and if that means you will have to offend some people well then so be it. But just ignoring it, which is happening all over the world at the moment.it will create and is currently creating the return of Fascism and Nazism.