17 Million deaths- Not just statistics

I have to make this clear upfront, some of this blog is not based on facts I can proof. It is purely based on my presumptions but also a good dose of common sense,for lack of a better description. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum estimates that the total of deaths during the Holocaust isContinue reading “17 Million deaths- Not just statistics”

Desperation and Survival

I have often wondered how the Sonderkommandos coped with their  work. Sonderkommandos were  forced labour units made up of  Nazi death camp prisoners. usually Jews.They were forced to help with the disposal of gas chamber victims among other duties. Sometimes even removing family members. It is not like they had a choice, it was either workContinue reading “Desperation and Survival”

Where eagles dare- The story of Ingrid Pitt aka Heidi

I don’t know how often I have watched this movie but it is one of my favourite war movies.It is funny though that you never really know anything about the real lives of actors or actresses. You may know something about the big stars in movies, but when it comes to the people who playContinue reading “Where eagles dare- The story of Ingrid Pitt aka Heidi”

Captain Roy Wooldridge- The British soldier saved by Field Marshall Rommel.

Captain Roy Wooldridge, who was in the Royal Engineers, was taken prisoner during a covert night-time mission to examine submerged mines along the French beaches weeks before the D-Day landings.   Mr Wooldridge, who was twice awarded the Military Cross, was sent a telegram ordering him to report to his unit just three days afterContinue reading “Captain Roy Wooldridge- The British soldier saved by Field Marshall Rommel.”

The Diary of Mary Berg(Miriam Wattenberg)

Mary Berg lived in the Warsaw Ghetto, but her situation was very unusual. Though she was born in Poland, her mother was an American, so her ultimate fate was different from most of her neighbors. Jews with American citizenship could possibly be exchanged for German prisoners of war, so they had a unique value toContinue reading “The Diary of Mary Berg(Miriam Wattenberg)”

The Orange dress- The short story of a Jewish family who survived the Holocaust.

In 1944, a little Jewish girl named Elianne Muller wore this dress made of parachute material – dyed orange – during the Liberation celebration that took place in the village of Neerkant in the Dutch province of Brabant. It went beautifully with her reddish curls. The family Tijssen, Peter and Maria Tijssen had 11 children,Continue reading “The Orange dress- The short story of a Jewish family who survived the Holocaust.”

Rolf Abrahamsohn-Eye witness to the Holocaust.

Rolf Abrahamsohn was not only a witness to the Holocaust he was also witness to the remorselessness of some of his fellow country men. One day a few months after the war Rolf encountered a man who was hitchhiking. Rolf felt sorry for the man because he only had one leg, so he decided toContinue reading “Rolf Abrahamsohn-Eye witness to the Holocaust.”

Jules Schelvis -Sobibor survivor

I was actually doing research on a Sobibor victim called Ben Ali Libi which was the stage name of Michel Velleman , a Dutch Jewis magician who died in Sobibor on July 2nd 1943, But although there is a lot of mention of Ben Ali Libi there is actually little information. However I will doContinue reading “Jules Schelvis -Sobibor survivor”