May 2nd 1945-Dachau Death March

There are a few amazing things about the death march from Dachau which had started on April 24,1945 and was headed to the Austrian border. Firstly it was a cold late April and early May because it was still snowing . Secondly there were still a few thousand victims alive but the most interesting thingContinue reading “May 2nd 1945-Dachau Death March”

Mount Vesuvius- The US Army Air Force forgotten enemy.

The last time the Mount Vesuvius erupted in Italy was on March 18 1944. The eruptions and the lava flows lasted for several days. The villages  of San Sebastiano al Vesuvio, Massa di Somma, and Ottaviano were destroyed, as was  part of San Giorgio a Cremano. 26 died and thousands had to flee their homes.Continue reading “Mount Vesuvius- The US Army Air Force forgotten enemy.”


I am going to Spam this blog and I won’t even apologize for it. But wait before you delete the post. On this day in 1937 the Hormel Foods Corporation,  head quartered in Austin- Minnesota, USA,  first introduced the product SPAM The square can of pork, salt, water, sugar, potato starch and sodium nitrite thatContinue reading “SPAM”

The US Army K 9 unit.

They say that the dog is man’s best friend and I do subscribe to that nation, although I haven’t had a dog for several years. The reason being, the last dog I had got very sick and needed to be euthanized, it broke my heart, and ever since that time I decided not to haveContinue reading “The US Army K 9 unit.”