Most of them were murdered.

I have to be honest and admit that I am not entirely sure if the title is entirely correct, I am working on presumptions. However they are well founded presumptions. More then 75% of all Dutch Jews were murdered during the Holocaust it is therefore safe to presume that the at least 75% of theseContinue reading “Most of them were murdered.”

Otto Frank

On this day 40 years ago. Otto Frank passed away, aged 91. On may 15 1945 he wrote the following letter while on board the Monowai steamship. This was exactly 5 years after the Dutch had capitulated to the Germans. “The closer we get to home the greater our impatience to hear from our lovedContinue reading “Otto Frank”

David Koker- Not just a diarist.

There are probably quite a few people who will have heard of David Koker,  or at least will know about the diary he wrote during his imprisonment at camp Vught, in the Netherlands. The diary was published in 1977 with the name Dagboek geschreven in Vught and was published in 2012 it was translated intoContinue reading “David Koker- Not just a diarist.”

Does it really matter who betrayed Anne Frank?

The question who betrayed Anne Frank and the others hiding in the annex, has never really been conclusively answered. There are plenty of well founded speculations but there has not been a 100% certainty yet to who betrayed them. There is also still a possibility that no one betrayed them but that they were discoveredContinue reading “Does it really matter who betrayed Anne Frank?”

Risking life to save lives. The brave Dutch who saved Jewish children.

There is a lot of rightful criticism about how the Dutch dealt with the Jews during WWII. A lot more could have been done, there is no question about that. But, it is easy to say these things in retrospect. If you are faced getting killed for a simple act of defiance , you mightContinue reading “Risking life to save lives. The brave Dutch who saved Jewish children.”

Profiting from the Holocaust.

In any war or crisis there are companies that make a profit, To some people this may sound disgusting but unfortunately it is a fact. Abraham Puls owned a removal company in Amsterdam. He had been a member of of the NSB , the Dutch Nazis, since 1934. His company was responsible for the ransackingContinue reading “Profiting from the Holocaust.”

Just a happy girl

Just a happy girl without a care in the world. Nor should she have any cares or worries. Her job is to be a child, go to school, do homework but most of all to be a child. At a desk with a peaceful picture of grazing Frisian cows behind her, Maybe they ere theContinue reading “Just a happy girl”

Louis Asscher-Bergen Belsen victim

Bergen Belsen was liberated 75 years ago on April 15,1945. For many it was a true liberation but for others liberation came too late. Even for many of those who were liberated on that day it was still too late. They were either so ill or malnourished that they did not survive,  After liberation nearlyContinue reading “Louis Asscher-Bergen Belsen victim”

Not all heroes wear uniforms.

When you look at the above picture you may think there is nothing extraordinary about it. However when you delve only slightly into the history of the picture you quickly how realize how amazing the picture really is. The picture is of a Jewish male choir of the Great Synagogue in Amsterdam, it was takenContinue reading “Not all heroes wear uniforms.”