Maria Mandl-Pure evil

Maria Mandl was one of the many Austrians who were delighted when Hitler annexed his native Austria into Germany. She saw opportunities and she took them. Born in Münzkirchen, Upper Austria on January 10,1912 to a shoemaker and his wife. On 15 October 1938 , shortly after the annexation she got her first job underContinue reading “Maria Mandl-Pure evil”

We will never know.

We will never know what you might have become. We will never know if you would discover a cure for cancer. We will never know if you would write the most beautiful love songs. We will never know how many house you might have built. We will never know how many jokes you could haveContinue reading “We will never know.”

The psychological terror of Kristallnacht.

Some people say that Kristallnacht marks the start of the Holocaust. I don’t really subscribe to that point of view. In my opinion the Holocaust started on 19 August 1934. That was the date that 88.1% of the  German population gave Hitler the Carte blanche to do whatever he wanted to via a referendum, mergingContinue reading “The psychological terror of Kristallnacht.”

When music and politics collide.

Music is one of my biggest passions, it has helped mte through many tragedies in my life and it still plays a very important part in my life. Something that worries me is when music is used for political reasons or when musicians make political statements. They are of course entitled to have political viewsContinue reading “When music and politics collide.”

Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler- aka Hedy Lamarr.

I have already done a blog on how Hedy Lamarr was imvolved in developing and patenting a technology which was a front runner of something we now commonly call WiFi. That on its own makes her a remarkable woman, but there is so much more to her. In 1933 she starred in a Czech  romanticContinue reading “Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler- aka Hedy Lamarr.”

The November pogrom-Kristall nacht.

This is not meant to be an accusation because since I didn’t live in those times, I just don’t know how I would have reacted. It is however something that has intrigued me.How come the majority of the Germans and Austrians did not see how wrong the November pogrom was? I can nearly understand whyContinue reading “The November pogrom-Kristall nacht.”

German and Austrian Suicides

++++++CONTAINS SOME GRAPHIC IMAGES+++++++   April and May 1945 marked the final stages and the end of World War II in Europe. It also saw an increase of suicides by civilians in Germany and Austria. Cyanide had been one of the most common ways how people killed themselves. Members of the Hitler Youth handed out cyanideContinue reading “German and Austrian Suicides”

The Holocaust Business enterprise

This week marks the 80th anniversary of the building of the Mauthausen concentration camp complex in Austria.From day 1 the aim of the camp was to make profit. Mauthausen and its many sub-camps were built by prisoners from Dachau concentration camp, which effectively meant free labor. The Nazis had chosen the site because of the nearbyContinue reading “The Holocaust Business enterprise”

Vienna 1913-Café Central

Vienna in 1913 was a vibrant cultural city. It was one of Europe’s power houses.Needless to say it attracted people from all over the continent and indeed the world. Not was it only known for its musical heritage it was also known for its many fine coffee houses. today Viennese coffee is still enjoyed byContinue reading “Vienna 1913-Café Central”

The hills are alive with the sound of sinking Ships.

  Who hasn’t heard of the Sound of Music, an immensely popular movie about the von Trapp family. But behind the idyllic portrayal of the family lies a darker origin. I will not focus on the singing legacy in this blog but more on that ‘darker side of the story. Georg von Trapp’s first wiveContinue reading “The hills are alive with the sound of sinking Ships.”