Batman fighting the Japanese in WWII

When we think of the first TV screening of Batman we automatically think of the 1966 TV series when Adam West took on the role as the caped crusader. However it was the actor Lewis Wilson who first portrayed the Batman on the TV screens. This day 75 years ago, July 16 1943, the BatmanContinue reading “Batman fighting the Japanese in WWII”

Batman and Robin 1940

  On March 6 1940 WWII had not yet gone global, a lot of countries had not been affected by the war. Although the anxiety of an impending war was prevalent it was still a matter of “business as usual”  in a majority of nations. On that same day Detective Comics introduced  Batman’s sidekick. DickContinue reading “Batman and Robin 1940”

Comic book Super Heroes in WWII

  I am actually not a great fan of Comic books or Graphic Novels as they are called now, although I did read them as a kid but was never really fascinated by them. However I do like the notion of Super Heroes and I do like them portrayed in the movies. But in aContinue reading “Comic book Super Heroes in WWII”