Making life difficult for Jews.

Approximately 105,000 OF THE 140,000 Jews in the Netherlands were murdered during the Holocaust. The attempt to erase the Jews from the country did not happen overnight ,it was a gradual process. Every few weeks new measures were introduced to make the life for the Dutch Jews as hard as possible. Some of these measuresContinue reading “Making life difficult for Jews.”

Jews not welcome.

This is something I said before. I am Dutch and I am proud to be Dutch. One of the reasons why I am a proud Dutch man is because I was taught to face up to the mistakes my country made in the past. Although there were many brave Dutch men and women who foughtContinue reading “Jews not welcome.”

Boycotting Jewish Businesses

There is one certainty in life and that is that history repeats itself, no matter how hard we try. Does this mean we have to stop highlighting history? No, of course not. Organisations like BDS are actively urging people to boycott Jewish businesses and businesses associated to Jewish businesses. They are not very original inContinue reading “Boycotting Jewish Businesses”

Boycotting Jewish Businesses

Although tempted to join the debate on the current call to boycott goods from Israel, I am not going to join. I rather stick to what I know best, history. . On April 1, 1933, the Nazis in Germany began with the boycott of Jewish businesses. They claimed it was a retaliation to the calls ofContinue reading “Boycotting Jewish Businesses”

The Holocaust from a different perspective.

The middle ages are often referred to as the dark ages but I really think the Dark Ages were from 1933 to 1945. However with every darkness there is also light. This blog is dealing with those few bits of light that shone during those dark ages. The picture above is a picture of an American JewsContinue reading “The Holocaust from a different perspective.”