Boycotting Jewish Businesses


There is one certainty in life and that is that history repeats itself, no matter how hard we try. Does this mean we have to stop highlighting history? No, of course not.

Organisations like BDS are actively urging people to boycott Jewish businesses and businesses associated to Jewish businesses. They are not very original in this idea the Nazis beat them to it, but here is the question these organisations should ask themselves, do they really want to be compared to the Nazis?

Below are just some examples of the previous boycott of Jewish businesses.

Three Jewish businessmen forced to parade down a busy  street in Leipzig while carrying placards reading: “Don’t buy from Jews; Shop in German businesses!”


SA members in 1933 stand in front of a barricaded Jewish shop, holding signs in both German and English that urge the boycott of Jewish businesses.A clear indication that they also wanted the message out to an international audience.

SA Boycott

A sign on a store owned by German Jews: “Protect Yourselves, Don’t Buy from Jews”


But it didn’t stay with boycotting Jewish businesses , it eventually ended up in the murder of at least 6 million Jews.

Some people may think this won’t happen again. But this exactly how it started in the 1930s, first the boycotts then later on personal attacks. Anyone who can not see the similarities between then and now is truly blind.




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