In Memory of the Valor and the Sacrifices which Hallow this soil.

Only a few days ago we celebrated the 75th anniversary of D-Day. People often forget that D-Day did not mark the end of WWII, it merely marked the beginning of the end. So many sacrifices were still made in the days and months following D-Day. Thousands and thousands of mainly young men, some the sameContinue reading “In Memory of the Valor and the Sacrifices which Hallow this soil.”

Overlord 76

  76 years ago you embarked on something that had never been done before. 156,000 of you were dropped on the beaches in Normandy. 156,000 just imagine that. It is the equivalent of a medium sized city, like Alexandria in  Virginia USA. Not all 156,000 made it, thousands died even before they reached the beaches.Continue reading “Overlord 76”

The unlikely Irish contributions during D-Day.

Ireland remained neutral throughout World War II, but that is not to say there was no contribution from the Irish during the war. Many young Irish men did join the British army and also  partook in Operation Overlord, more common;y known as D-Day. However this blog is not about any of those troops but aboutContinue reading “The unlikely Irish contributions during D-Day.”

Charles Durning WWII Veteran.

Anyone who knows movies will know the name Charles Durning. He has starred in so many classic movies in a variety of genres, comedies, thrillers, musicals/ Movies like “Dog day afternoon”, “The Choirboys” ot “The best little whorehouse in Texas” the list is endless. Additionally he has also starred in a great number of TVContinue reading “Charles Durning WWII Veteran.”

The Longest Day and how Goldfinger temporarily was banned in Israel.

The Longest Day is still one of my favourite movies. The epic cinematic event about D-Day and the direct aftermath. It was one of the first ensemble cast movies, basically anyone who was anyone in Hollywood was part of the movie. Because it was shot less then 2 decades after D-Day and the end ofContinue reading “The Longest Day and how Goldfinger temporarily was banned in Israel.”

Robert G. Cole-Medal of Honor

One of my new year;s resolution is to start honoring more heroes and raise more awareness of what these real heroes have done for our freedom. No actors,musicians,athletes, or reality tv stars but real heroes who sacrificed themselves for the betterment of others. Lieutenant Colonel Robert George Cole (March 19, 1915 – September 18, 1944) was an American soldier whoContinue reading “Robert G. Cole-Medal of Honor”

Primum non Nocere-First do no harm.

First do no harm is  a misquoted line from the Hippocratic oath, but it has been adopted as part of it.The actual translation is “I will utterly reject harm and mischief” however the message is the same. A great number of Physicians of the Nazi regime did not adhere to the oath. They took theContinue reading “Primum non Nocere-First do no harm.”

The Ghost Army- Special FX in WWII.

I know what you are thinking “We are still a month away from Halloween and he is already starting telling ghost stories” Well yes and no, you see the Ghost Army wasn’t an army of real ghosts however it did scare many German units, without firing one shot. During World War II, Americans of manyContinue reading “The Ghost Army- Special FX in WWII.”

The caring side of WWII- A glimmer of Hope

It wasn’t only doom and gloom during WWII. Occasionally there were moments of hope and care. Amidst the darkest and horrific era of human history, humanity shone through. I will leave the pictures do the talking, most of these were taken around D-Day. There is always time for a drink. And chocolate   New hopeContinue reading “The caring side of WWII- A glimmer of Hope”

Theodore Roosevelt Jr.-the forgotten Roosevelt.

The Roosevelt name must be one of the best known names in US and world history, for it was the name of not 1 but 2 legendary presidents. A lesser known but not a lesser heroic man was Theodore “Ted” Roosevelt III (September 13, 1887 – July 12, 1944), known as Theodore Jr., an American government,Continue reading “Theodore Roosevelt Jr.-the forgotten Roosevelt.”