Hendrikus van der Meer, killed for distributing leaflets.

It is often asked “Why did the people not stand up against the Nazi regime?” I have even asked this question, especially when it came to me fellow Dutchmen. But it is easy to judge in hindsight. I wonder how many who asked that question would have stood up against the regime(and I include myself),Continue reading “Hendrikus van der Meer, killed for distributing leaflets.”

They were so utterly shocked and frightened, you could do with them what you wanted.

Below is a part of the testimony of Hans Friedrich a member of of the 1st SS Infantry Brigade. His words are shocking. “Try to imagine there is a ditch, with people on one side, and behind them soldiers. That was us and we were shooting. And those who were hit fell down into theContinue reading “They were so utterly shocked and frightened, you could do with them what you wanted.”

The death of Dafydd ap Gruffydd.

On October 3rd 1283, Dafydd ap Gruffydd, prince of Gwynedd in Wales, became the first person to be tried for what later would become high treason against a king, hewas also the first nobleman executed by being hanged, drawn and quartered. On Palm Sunday 1282 Dafydd ap Gruffydd attacked Hawarden Castle, in so doing, therebyContinue reading “The death of Dafydd ap Gruffydd.”

The brave words from a Mother to her Daughter.

This story is both heartbreaking and uplifting. Heartbreaking because it is a story about a mother who knew she was going to die. Uplifting because her last words were so positive and courageous, despite the fate that awaited her. Olga Bancic was born on May 10, 1912 to a large Jewish family living in theContinue reading “The brave words from a Mother to her Daughter.”

The execution of 9 Polish farmers.

I would love to explain the exact reason why these 9 Polish men were executed on November 25,1941. But I can’t. Looking at the text of the German announcement which was signed by the by the governor of Lublin district,all that the announcement indicates is that the men did not fulfill their quota and wereContinue reading “The execution of 9 Polish farmers.”

The brutal execution of Robert-François Damiens.

Regicide is the deliberate killing of a monarch, or the person responsible for the killing of a person of royalty. Through the ages there have been a great number of regicides, the last one happened this century. In June 1,2001 the Nepalese Royal Family was allegedly massacred by Crown Prince Dipendra of Nepal. However this blogContinue reading “The brutal execution of Robert-François Damiens.”

The executions of the German invaders.

Operation Pastorius will mean not much too most people. It is one of those forgotten WWII operations. Forgotten because it was a complete failure. Shortly after midnight on the morning of June 13, 1942, four men landed on a beach near Amagansett, Long Island, New York from a German submarine, clad in German uniforms andContinue reading “The executions of the German invaders.”

Michael Kitzelmann, his conscience got the better of him.

It would be absurd to say that every German soldier was bad. There were some who saw what was happening and protested against it and paid the ultimate price for it. Michael Kitzelmann had been a loyal soldier of the Wehrmacht. He was company commander at the age of  24,  and was awarded the IronContinue reading “Michael Kitzelmann, his conscience got the better of him.”

The day that evil and arrogance was hung.

On May 31st 1962 Adolf Eichmann was executed for his crimes by hanging. I have read a lot about Eichmann and have seen a lot of documentaries. He was a particularly evil man, he never showed any remorse for all the crimes he committed or ordered to be carried out. Throughout his trial he remainedContinue reading “The day that evil and arrogance was hung.”

The Pianist who spoke his mind and was killed for it.

Regardless how talented you were, or how much value you could add to the German culture, if you didn’t comply to the Nazi ideology or dared to criticize it, you stood a good chance of getting executed. Karlrobert Kreiten born 26 June 1916,  in Bonn, Germany) was a Dutch-German pianist,  holding Dutch citizenship his short lifeContinue reading “The Pianist who spoke his mind and was killed for it.”